Joining the Dark side.

NEWSFLASH: Coke has a new raspberry coke that is great tasting. My wife got 1 free from the store, no turning back now. I only drink maybe 2/3 sodas in a week. This stuff is great tasting. Sorta/kinda like a Dr Pepper but way better tasting. I was surprised, I'm usually not a huge fan of a lot of flavored sodas.
My Tektro caliper adapter came in. $20 for one adapter, but it looks like it should work. I will attempt to install it later today, but I won't be testing it anytime soon as winter came back a bit an the temps are in the 20's and 30's, and the days it's not cold, it will be slightly warmer and raining the entire time. Thanks weather.

We had our couple weeks of nice weather, now we are back to the cold rains here too. I'm almost set up to re cast my motor mount but no way I can do it right now.
A link to that adapter may come in handy for others needing one as well, and also because I want to see it
OH, OK, I thought they were something more specialised, I already have a bunch of them lying
Slight update. Finally got a semi-decent day to go test out my goodies. My front rotor is slightly out of true so I need to locate and correct that issue. Otherwise, I went through my normal disc brake "bedding" procedure, and I am happy to say no noises and the braking power is a definite upgrade.

As for the new seat. It's going to take some getting used to for a couple of different reasons. I am not used to a noseless seat, so it feels odd every time I sit down and it feels like I want to fall forward lol. The other is just because of how thick it is and how big the springs are. It feels like it's constantly moving around under me. Weirdly, with this new seat my suspension seat post is actually working now, and that means it sinks down a good amount because I am a big guy.

All of that complaining aside, it is a damn comfortable seat. I could ride ALL day on this thing and go another day just for fun.