where can i get 6 or 7 tooth sprockets

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  1. ducatiluke

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    i need 6 or 7 tooth sprockets for my next project to suit bicycle chains

    i now there made but where can i get some

    iam in california at present!


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  2. Wow that's a TINY sprocket! ....Are you meaning for the front or rear sprocket?.....I am guessing front?....I have never seen a rear that small! ;-)

  3. loquin

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    A 6 tooth, 410 sprocket would have a minimum 'trough' diameter of .65 inches, or, about 5/8". By 'trough,' I mean the bottom of the trough, between the teeth, where the chain roller rests.

    A 7 tooth sprocket would have a trough diameter of .71 inches.

    But, there still needs to be space for the 'shoulder' of the chain. So, you would need to reduce the above diameters by about another quarter of an inch. And, that would make the sprocket be smaller than the shaft...

    At a rough guess, I would think that you can't physically make a sprocket smaller than about 9 teeth, in a 1/2 inch pitch sprocket, and a half inch (apx) shaft diameter.