where to buy a friction roller

Toby woodman

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12:23 AM
Mar 4, 2023
where can I buy a friction roller, I'm looking for a product or roller that can be mounted to a 5/8-inch crankshaft. I'm looking for a diameter of around 2.2 inches, it needs to be as grippy as possible, because I need to climb some hills and will probably encounter some wet weather, I know they are not great in the wet, so I am prepared to understand the limitations of the friction drive system by pedalling along with it whenever possible.
I have tried that but I'm not sure about how much grip they would have, the ones on the kits you can buy seem to be really chunky with a sort of spline pattern, I'm just wondering what options are out there because making one seems like it would take a lot of time to balance and weld on enough grip for some rough terrain.
im just exploring different options, the main thing for this is be to be reliable, therefore a smaller engine with less stress on the frame is what I'm thinking. a 2.5 hp four stroke at the moment. the cheap centrifugal clutches seem to wear out fast so I looked into belts because they seem quiet and flexible, however I'm thinking about mounting an engine on a rear rack, and then using a 3;1 torque converter, with a 10 to 44 or 50 tooth sproket, this gives me plenty of low speed for climbing, but if the engine can pull it, the torque converter will adjust the ratio for hopefully a slightly higher top speed. the torque converters have a smooth engagement and seem to be able to handle the hills around me.
I know you know what you want, just not clear on the why. I think it will cost you way more your way, if that is the issue. Why reinvent the wheel? This is everything you want with 1in roller for torque.

I can't really get any motorized bike kits in the UK, the only ones I can get are cheap china doll motors, therefore I am planning to build a 4 stroke bike because if I use common and local parts to me in the UK, I should be able to fix it myself without having to wait weeks for aliexpress orders for parts
only 4 stroke engines that are really round here are lifan's or hondas and go kart parts are available. Therefore the conclusion of using a go kart torque converter and 56 tooth sproket that I will make using a laser cut platewheel from an industrial bearing supplier.
Staton won't ship to UK? I understand the difficulties of the rules if so.