White wire lights?



Anybody have any info on converting my light to run off the 'white wire'?.... I'm a little in the drak on this ;)
I recently set mine up. I connected a wire coming from the white wire into a switch, and then into my light, and from the light i grounded to the frame.

You gotta let the engine fully warm up before you turn on the light or it will die at idle. And at idle the light goes a bit dim.

otherwise, its awesome

I could show you the details of my build in a PM if u want.
Hey joseph, some pics would be nice (me like pics ;) ) posted here for all to see.

Will also check out those libnks, thanks azk :)
Tomorrow I will take pics of every step for you guys, be prepared for a long post. Can't do it today though.
Heres how I did my white wire set up

I bought a cheap schwinn generator light from target.

At first I mounted it the way it was supposed to be. using the Tire Rubber to power my light. This was a very poor solution, it died after my first night ride.

Then I modified the light to run off one of these 6 volt batteries.

It required that I direct the ground to the negative lead on the battery. The battery mounted in the frame under the tank.

Finally I decided to get it hooked up to my white wire.

When you buy this light set from target it comes with a 2.4W headlight, and a 0.6W rear light. The generator will blow the 2.4 light easily, as it did to mine.

You can buy one of these flashlights.

The bulb inside that light fits into the generator light pretty well. and holds up to the abuse.

inside the generator from target it looks like this.

Pretty simple, easy to modify if needed.

You will now want to get a flip switch, and a plastic reflector mount from a old crappy huffie bike,.

My mount for my switches looks like this.

You can see how I used the reflector mount, I connceted it to my handlebars and drilled holes to hold the switches. Just find an old cheapo bike and look at the way its reflectors are mounted. Im talking about the front and rear ones, FYI

Once you have that stuff it's just a matter of connecting the wires.

Now for those who use a killswitch on the white wire. You want to throw away the old connector and buy some of these.

Connect one of these to every wire the connects to the white one, and to the white one itself.

Now run a small bolt through it.

You want to wire in the flip switch so that you can start the engine and warm it up before you turn on the lights, just so it starts as easily as before.

like this.


pretty simple.

Now how do you ground that bare wire? Many ways. you can run the wire down to anywhere you have two nuts (hahaha) but to squish it between them, to create a solid connection to the frame.

Or find any small tube and clamp the wire to it with a hose clamp.

Kinda blurry, but you can see it clamped tight.

Tie everything else down with zipties and you got a nice lighting solution.

I myself used a target bought schwinn light, but you can be creative. I used it becuase it looks good.

just make sure to put a switch in the line and you have control over how it affects your engine. especially on cold days.

hope this helps someone who wants white wire lighting

Total cost for me was

$10.00 schwinn light.
$06.00 everyready flashlight (bulb + battery included)
$03.00 Toggle switch from Radioshack.

19 bucks

everything else I had laying around, the wire connectors, hose clamp, reflector mount, wires, zip ties, etc.