why do my chains keep breaking????

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by spake, May 26, 2014.

  1. spake

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    I have gone thru 2 chains and 5 master links. Everything ins in perfect alignment but the engine will run and then pop another break. Because I am using one of the new 29 inch bike frames there was no reason to use the idler. Is this the reason for the breaking chains? I am so frustrated and my wife is ready to divorce me for spending money on this toy. I love the bike, love the engine, love the sound it makes and probably love it more than her. (trust me she doesn't work much better) SO CAN ANYONE HE;P ME PLEASE!!!!! I WANT MY BIKE TO RUN RUN RUN. oh YEAH...NEVER GOT INSTRUCTION IN THE BOX SO I HAD TO SNEAK AROUND TO OTHER COMPANIES FOR INSTALL.

  2. butre

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    either your chain is too tight or your rear sprocket is out of whack.

    2 chains and 5 master links is about $30, if she's ready for divorce over $30 I say let it happen.
  3. Fabian

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    :iagree: 100% If a woman is ready to trash your life over a hobby that's only cost $30 in repair expenses, then it's time to be proactive and get the divorce papers organised before she can get a chance to get in first and totally strip your financial health to the bone; having you living on the street, "if you're lucky"; and selling your body on the sidewalk "if you're not".
  4. KCvale

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    I concur, the rear sprocket is the most likely culprit, if it is off center it will get loose then tight on every wheel revolution, the fix is NOT some spring loaded tensioner, it is pully the wheel off and getting your sprocket true on both the vertical and horizontal planes.

    If you end up pulling the sprocket off check that is flat on level hard surface, you would be surprised at how many have a slight warp to begin with so you can't ever get it to spin true.
  5. butre

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    It might be worth getting a manic mechanic sprocket adapter if you think spending an hour or so centering your sprocket is too much work. I did it, and haven't had any chain problems since. The cheap rag joint contraption they send you with the kits simply isn't a very good way to do things.
  6. LR Jerry

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    There's one other thing to consider. What is the quality of the chain you're using? Low quality chains will break very easy.