Why would engine be damaged



Yesterday, by accident, I was surfing the Spookytooth site and saw a reference to distance traveled using a 2 stroke motor. He says, "If you travel too great of a distance, there is a possibility of damaging the engine. We generally only recommend our gas powered cycles for short trips up to 30 miles at a stretch." What in the **** does that mean? If I come to a complete stop, then start again, am I good for another 30 miles? Or does it mean a complete cool-down cycle (1 hour, then we're good for another 30 miles)? It sounds really weird to me. I don't really expect to travel further than 30 miles at a time but I would like some experts to chime in on this. Thanks in advance.
Well, I just found out what he is talking about. They have found that typically people driving those distances or more are riding flat out (high rpms). The continuous open throttle for that amount of time/distance wrecks the motor after weeks of use.
Yea I ride 60 miles without a hitch but definitely not flat out.
It's good to know though that when the Anarchy arrives that I can get away full out up to 30 miles on MOOP chasing after Cronus with my daughter on it.
Baloney. 30 miles is just a warmup ride. I was off for the past 3 weeks and did a lot of riding easily did 4 times that in a day with fuel stops every 60 miles.
I dont know what engine they are using but mine has been fine and I have done up to 40 miles in a day most of which is flat out including steep hills...

I have checked the plug and its perfect in colour - a nice mid tan - and had a look inside the cylinder with a penlight torch and everything was smooth and looked completely unworn...

I think the problem with the fledgling industry we have is that of such a wild difference in quality - its not for nothing that I have referred before to the GEBE as the Rolls-Royce of modern cyclemotor engines.

It would also help if the we could be able to standardise on a certain number of engines - this would make spares, repair and quality less of a hit and miss affair...

My personal experience is that the Tanaka I have is good for 33+ on the flat and I have a pipe ordered for it - I will post on here when I have tested with the pipe installed. There is a possibility of up to a 30% improvement :D

Jemma xx
I guess they think that an engine will overheat if it is run more than 30 minutes at a time? I hate to tell them but my engine is at its operating temperature after 5 minutes of use.