wild on the sidewalk!



Hey good thing your 2004 Chevy Blazer was hazard yellow buddy! Cuz, I saw you but you didn't even notice that I had layed my bike down into a sideways skid in order to stop in time to avoid hitting you as you casually exited Family Dollars' parking lot without really even looking. HOLY SHHIIIAT THAT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!! Rule number one kids: NEVER DO 20 to 25mph ON A SIDEWALK! Let's not let that happen again. That could have turned out very ugly. Well, that's near accident number one for me. WHEW! Hey the bike stayed running the whole time anyway, so that's pretty good I guess.
Yeah that's too fast for the sidewalk.

Plus, you need to ride like you are invisible. I have people pull out in front of me on my 800cc bike with the headlight on.

A lot of people don't look for bikes/cycles. :eek: