Carby YuanDong Skyhawk carb tuning

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    After some searching I find that the carb that came with my engine was not a CNS carb like I thought but a YD Shyhawk carb. It never ran rite and the NT carb I got for my 66cc engine works way better.

    I searched and couldn't find any info on this newer carb accept for what the site states about it Instructions.html

    I was just wondering if anyone got this one to work rite and exactly what they did to it. Any info on this carb would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes I had mine working great.The thing that really help me the best was pulling the little back hose on the side I didn't adjust nothing jet pulled that little hose off.I didn't like how it moves around after a period time.So I had a nt carb I put in on for now.I going to make a new spacer for it or buy one.
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    I had read that people were doing that with the CNS carb and since this carb is supposed to be an "updated" version of the CNS it makes sense. I cut the hose and plugged the hole in the back of the intake and the inlet. I will probably wait and see if I get any more responses before I try it again though.

    Thank you for your input wan.
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    This is correct i could NOT get consistent idle or WOT with the black hose connected to the return on the filter. As soon as I disconnected the little hose it ran great! I dare say almost as smooth as NT or SPEED. i can tell a major difference in hill climbs and acceleration compared to the stock carb.

    Thanks for the help. i was about fed up with it, not being able to get it to run the same long enough to adjust it.
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