Zeda 80 tops out at 22 MPH


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Nov 27, 2018
Hi, so I finally got my bike running, turns out it was a carb issue, but it's so slow. Top speed is 22 MPH and only 13 or so going up hill. I'm running a 36 tooth sprocket, nt carb, and ngk spark plug. 40:1 mix. From everything I've seen these things can go WAY faster than mine is going. I know I'm still in the break in period but still doesn't seem like I'm getting everything this engine should be able to give.

I'm also at 6000 feet elevation, running my carb in its leanest setting. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
You need a 25 to 1 conventional mix for break in and don't try to top out during brake in. Your cab tune is probably off. Pull the spark plug and post a picture of it please.
Here's the plug


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These will help you with tuning. Your plug looks rich to me


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Did you gap it to .025? The gap seems a little to wide and that could cause problems. Can you post some pictures of your build? We might be able to spot other issues