New Mexico Motorized Bicycle Laws

New Mexico Motorized Bicycle Laws

In New Mexico a motorized bicycle falls under the category of a moped. A moped is defined as a vehicle with:
  • 2 to 3 wheels
  • 50cc or less
  • top speed less than 30mph
  • automatic transmission

To ride a motorized bicycle in New Mexico you need to have a Class D drivers license.


You do not need to title, register or insure a motorized bicycle to ride it on public roads in New Mexico.

If your motorized bicycle exceeds the criteria specified above, you will need to register it just like a motorcycle.

Other Motorized Bicycle Laws

  • A helmet is not required.
  • You must wear eye protection.
  • A headlight and taillight is required for nighttime use.
  • You must also have a working brake light.
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