Vermont Motorized Bicycle Laws

Vermont Motorized Bicycle Laws

A motorized bicycle is classed as a moped/motor-driven cycle in Vermont. It must meet the following criteria:
  • Cannot exceed 30mph on a level surface.
  • Engine must operate without a need for clutching or shifting.
  • Cannot possess an engine larger than 50ccs.
  • Restricted to 2 or 3 wheels.

To ride a motorized bicycle in Vermont you need a valid drivers license.


A motorized bicycle must be registered and insured to ride it on public roads in Vermont. You will need to get your motorized bicycle inspected and it requires:
  • A horn.
  • Front and rear lights.
  • Front fender.
  • No cracked tires.
You will be issued with special motor-driven cycle plates once the vehicle passes the inspection.

Other Motorized Bicycle Laws
  • A helmet is not required to be worn.
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