18 year old Motobike "Pepe" stolen

If no others were robbed and the only thing taken was the bike…

As it was said earlier… they knew what they were going for…probably knew what they were up against to break in …. And if all this is simple facts they knew the target or close neighbors put them on it.
Sadly the low life troll the neighborhoods looking for stuff to steal, No doubt they spotted that M/B when the garage was open and came back at night to steal it, where they had to force the door up and break in.
I agree. If the garage door was already open, why would they go to the hassle of unlocking the opener mechanism and pulling the cord?-Gearhead222
I was just curious , I didn't know your garage layout
My garage has a back door, and some garages have windows, If someone broke in that way, by unplugging the door opener and opening it manually would be quiet and the light wouldn't come on,
One car was my beloved electron blue pearl 2000 Civic Si. They found it on a golf course with the rims, cluster, and Comptech parts missing. The cops say that I was lucky because the last Honda they found was stripped and torched. The car languished in an impound lot for a month before it was repaired in another 3 months. I guess that this was on island time. Meanwhile my rental car was stolen.
Dear Fellow Members-Bought 16' of 3/16" hardened steel chain plus a hardened key lock. Will be looping it through the frame, my floor jack and two jackstands. If they steal this one, they will have to work harder for it!-Gearhead222
Is there a workbench to toe to as well? Small move able items can still be taken easily with the bike. If you tie it to a larger and less Move able object then it will be even harder to steal