2 options for rear wheel, after a bunch of broken spokes


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Jul 8, 2022
Hello, I appreciate all the help I've gotten on these forums. Turns out a lot of my issues probably have to do with the rear wheel, and it seems like that's common!

I have a 49cc engine on a 3 speed cruiser frame. I have a Nexus internal 3 speed gearing. It turns out I broke a bunch of spokes (in the words of the guy at the bike shop, "every other spoke is broken.") We talked about two options for a new wheel, and I wanted to see if either of these choices stand out as being a better choice over the other.
Option #1 sounded like a ready to go, off the shelf option: 700c Sun CR18/Shimano 3sp CB Silver 36 Nexus 120mm

Option #2 seems more custom built with stronger spokes:
DT Swiss Spoke Competition 2.0/1.8 291mm Black
Velocity Chukker 700c Non-MSW 36h Black

The prices are very close. Thank you for any thoughts. I also saw this gemini wheel as a third option. I'm not mechanical and I can't tell what sort of gearing this wheel would give me. Would this be for a single speed set up? Thanks for any advice you can give me!

Option #3
Seems your old wheel has 3sp hub and choice no1. 2/3 do not have multiple speed hubs. Seems you need to decide what you want. Those multi speed hubs aren't cheap. Why can't you just respoke the original wheel with better spokes, cheapest choice if everything else is good. Sometimes OEM spokes are just aluminum or a cheap alloy and are very weak just from the metal type. You can buy SS spokes and other stronger metals, choices.
Your top 3 spokes are DT, Wheelsmith, and Sapim. Yes, they're expensive but you get what you're willing to pay for. If you don't have a double-walled rim, get one of those too.

You do have another option get a sealed bearing hub for the new wheel. Then use the 3-speed IGH as a transmission. You'd have to jackshaft over to the input sprocket on the IGH and connect a sprocket to the hub on the IGH to drive the rear wheel. The IGH would also have to be mounted to the seat post tube. Then you too could be a member of the shifter club lol
id Just Put new SPokes On ... Just GO Bigger gage ( what Gage Were they/?)

i Made sure my Spokes Were Tight,a little Overtight to be honest ,with keeping Wheel True/streight , \
that THe Sproket Mount Was Supper Tight (Rubber was Super SQezzed) without Striping Nuts.
then let the lock tight dry and put More on , a little Dab on the Out Side of Nut/thread ,just for Good Measure. ( i like the Locktight Gell , it Seems To Dry Thick , them Bigger Bottles, Seem to be vary thin and Runny liquid ..
i Dont Ride my Bike To hard there are Some Steep hills here in Pittburg , but i think my Spokes are 14g ?

when you run these Bikes hard, they Vibrate a lot, then Bolts will come Loose.. ( even With Locktight! )
It helps to get some Rubber hose, cut it up put it where the Motor Mount Is on the Frame/motor side not Clamp (or Both_), this Way, that little less vibration, helps Stop the BOlts from Shaking Loose. : - D
these Little Bolts, They strip , or the Shake Loss, so lock tight is a must! by different Kinds of Types of Medium Streng. (I wouldn't Use REd .. ) but Its not that Expensive , and Put a Dab on a Paper, and You can See the Diffrence of The Gel/ Liquid/paste/Ect . They dry Diffrent , and They have different Holds .. so Not All blue Lock tight is the Same strange even if it says Medium /Blue
i even have a Rubber hose on the Chain Tensenor, That way it Really cuts down on that resonating, Vibration . But there is a higher Risk , the Wheel on the Chain Tensenor, can Get Sucked into the Spokes, and that's Just WHat happen to you, (with the Sproket Mount) ..

do you know what caused it ?
Did you see if the BOlts Were loose?
can you share Pictures?
how bad did the Spokes Get bent? (1 out of 10) (The Fact you said, Every other one, makes me think the Bolts came Loose )
How DO you ride, are you a full Throatal kind of Rider?
are There a lot of Hill ( is there a lot of torq on your Chain ? )
or Are you a heavy Person>?
I'm 130-140
You said its a 49 cc .. So i guess THe bolts Came loos, if you have money, upgrade ,, Especially if you Ride it Alot !
But if your CHeep like me , just Replace the Spokes your Self, its Easy .. And just make sure they are tight , and put the Sproket on with Locktight ( and make sure it dries before you ride it )

God Bless , and Stay Safe out on the Roads!