4 stroke engine vs 2 stroke engine

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May 30, 2010
Orange County, Ca.
Greetings from Orange County, Ca.

I am now ready to start a new bike project but I am stuck trying to figure out which type of engine to run. 2 stroke or 4 stroke and how many cc's?

I have been running the Zenoah 25.4cc 2 stroke "strato" or "geo" engine for over 6 years now. I have hot-rodded it with a high performance carb, a ported cylinder and nice phat exhaust. It has been rebuilt 1 time in 6 years and 4 of those 6 years I rode my bike almost every day 20-25 miles. Max speed was 40 mph. However, I feel because it is so modded I spend more time trying to start the **** thing than actually riding it. It is SOOOO touchy.

I currently run the old Golden Eagle Setup and after a long debate and the new bicycle I just bought I have decided to stick with GEBE, but just invest the money and get their new setup.

I especially like GEBE's new cluch setup where you can pretty much run any engine with a 53 or 73mm clutch and a 4 bolt clutch pattern. 2 stroke or 4 stroke varieties.

The next engine I get I want to be able to hit 30+ out the box or with VERY MINOR modifications. I wanna ride dammit, not wrench......I have already played that game back in 06.

What I intend for this project is less on looks and more on dependibility. I am concerned with speed. (Isin't everyone who wants a motorized bike? )(Must go min of 31 mph. ---ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to my ego)

It will be a daily driver to work and I feel I could easily recoup the $550+ in startup costs Golden Eagle charges with the gas savings I will see within the 1st month or 2 but I am at a stand still and am calling out to my fellow motorbikers and toolers to possibly shed some light on any good engine suggestions.

I accept the fact that it is hard to get any performance parts for engines that are not Zenoah. (Zenoah is THE brand for scooters and frequently have easy access to upgradable parts.)

Zenoah is ALWAYS a choice option for me....

What i want is an engine that I can run 30+ for at least 30min-1hr without overheating the engine.

I am thinking specifically about the Honda GX-35 4 stroke but am open to other suggestions....

I am a big believer in 99% preperation and 1% execution so any advise given will definately be researched and i will post my decision when it is made...

So.....after that long winded description about nothing....what's it gonna be?

2 stroke or 4 stroke and which models would you recommend I check out?



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Mar 2, 2010
north yorkshire England
the good thing about 4 stroke is their long life and the good thing about 2 stroke is they are light powerful and compact but they are also noisy and not very fuel efficient compared to 4 strokes which are much quieter more fuel efficient but they can be hevier and have less hp to cc ratio but more torque at low rpm(good if you dont like to show off to the police, its never good to have that noisy bee screaming between your legs or behind you:eek:)
AND last thing: vibrations! 2 strokes normaly vibrate more than 4 strokes which can make them more uncomfortable over long rides:whistle:
Now which engines are the best i dont know!:geek: it all depends in your riding style
like to scream and show off go for 2 stroke(i like then:bowdown:)
like to be discret, economic and enviromental friendly go 4 stroke(thats what i thing i will go for because motorized bikes are not legal over here:snobby:)
Does anyone has anything to add to my tiny list or any engines that you like?:D


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Apr 20, 2008
hi Chris...there's an easy answer to your query, in my experienced (and biased hehe) opinion...just go with the Tanaka PF40, which is bullet-proof and will meet your minimum needs right out of the box...& any time you have a hankerin' for some bolt-on bling for the 40, ADARacing.com can hook you up...

the Robin-Subaru EHO-35 is a beauty engine too...quiet & smooth as silk, but it may fall slightly short of your stated need for speed.

both are high-end choices with great performance records and practically maintenance-free & long-lived...you can't go wrong with either, imo.
welcome to MBc :cool:
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I have the 32cc 2-stroke Tanaka golden eagle.

I have added an tanaka expansion pipe & run a small percentage of nitro in the fuel (50mls per gallon fuel) and the bike tops out at 37mph.

Only problem with it is that it likes to break spokes - which the 40cc is famous for.

The bike has done over 2000 miles since I built it and I am in the process hopefully of getting it SVA'd (cops being harassing again).


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Nov 13, 2008
Two srokes can be rebuilt cheaply. That is the reason I chose one.
To each his own.