500W Gearless Rear Wheel eBike with a 36V 32aH (10s20p x16) Battery Bank Build also showing my retired solar bike


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Nov 16, 2015
Well, as I mentioned before, I sold my 49cc HS-142F bike and am looking to sell my motorcycle. I decided to go all electric for now (hybrid bike in plans). This slow but sexy ebike fits my needs atm (everything within 15 miles). It uses the 36V 4.4aH (more like 4aH) scooter batteries wired in parallel in two battery boxes on top tube and inframe. The battery packs are removable via 3 bolts that you can secure in less than a minute. I get about 2 miles per aH so this should be close to 40-60 miles per charge. I wanted to make it look nice and be a tribute to the Kawasaki Ninja color scheme. I hope the electric bolt doesn't look too corny.

Also, as an experiment, I had 90W of solar panels on it. This produced about an average of 60W on a sunny day and close to 90W at solar noon on a clear sunny day. It was really good for just peddling around at 10-12 mph and using about 40-100W. Could go all day and not worry about the charge. But, it is for people who want to pedal and a little assist not the high power and speed crowd. Also can stop and just sleep in a field and wait for it to recharge. I am still keen on this idea but I want to do it with the satellite grade solar panels (40% eff) versus the retail (20%).

Yes, 20 MPH max (20-23 actual) is kinda slow so I am thinking about making a 1500-3000W ebike with a 200-300W 4-stroke gas generator as a FINAL bike. But, that is all dependent on selling the motorcycle and other things. :cry:


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