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    my name's Brian, i'm from ALASKA! i'm here to brag about how i'ma make the fastest lightest 20" bike in all the US.. i think
    i've already gone threw a frame. cracked the rear end right off.. danglin
    the engine i have came from a first build i bought. an 70cc-80cc or sumthin like that. with a pullstart assembly stock. it's freakin sweet. anyway i put it on a new 20" chopped schwinn stingray style frame.
    My Secret is puting Blue Thunder Nitro for RC cars n trucks in my fuel mix.
    be careful you dont need much. if you do put too much the engine with roar and not stop unless you cut the air. .dangerous but cool. so keep the idol.
    it made my 44toothd 20 inch rear wheel take me to 42.4mph.
    this summer i shattrd that by breaking 50 on my 36toother.
    sumtime this year i'm customizing a 12v blower to the carburator to force air in the engine. cuz sumtimes the engine will spit fuel on my leg while hauln.
    it's ganna be sweet. you'll hear from me.
    thanks guys

  2. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    forgot the picture..

    i have 2 diff exausts the intake was legnthend and curved to fit a 20" frame. the engine i think is a 70 or 80cc. lightweight chain and it has a new 36tooth rear chainring that isnt equiped in the pick. the polo seat is spring loaded. freakin awsome. comment it.

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  3. Hi Brian,

    50 Mph on a schwinn stingray.
    Very impressive.



  4. jonboy2five

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    wow, try not to kill yourself on that thing. 50 plus? jesus...
  5. SimpleSimon

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    zetti, when I was in my early 20's I was doing some pretty crazy things myself, but I was never a speed demon. I was more into pushing the envelope really hard to find the limits of adhesion of tire to asphalt in corners. I found and exceeded it, a few times. After my third serious wreck, my Dad came to the hospital to see me, and had a guy with him I didn't know.

    Dad being a somewhat taciturn guy, he didn't say much, just introduced the guy and asked me to listen to him. The guy told me he worked for the ABC insurance company, which mostly did lump sum payment funeral insurance, and that my Dad and Mom wanted to buy a policy on me, to save them the expense of burying me when I killed myself driving like a madman. He told them I had to give informed consent to the policy, since I was putatively an adult, so he was there to get my signature on the policy.

    Talk about a slap up side the head! I asked Dad if he was serious, and he replied, "Absolutely dead serious." I signed.

    Three weeks later, I was at home, and Dad called - told me the insurance company reviewed the policy application, and declined to issue a policy, as I was too "high risk". They returned Dad's check, uncashed.

    Did I quit driving crazy? No, I did not. What I did do was join the NHRA, hook up with a local group, and start learning more about what I enjoyed. I learned a lot about what my machine could do at its limits, and I learned what I could do to (relatively) safely push those limits. Not trying to tell you what to do, at all, but I'd like to suggest that, if you have family who love you, buy an insurance policy to cover funeral and burial expenses. Bad enough to lose you, but adding in the (heavy) unexpected cost of a funeral is a nasty final insult.
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  6. ZETTI please tell me you did not drill through the frame to mount the tensioner, If you did that frame will not handel the stress.

    Do me one favor when you wipe out, and you will wipe out , try to make it a singel person wreck. I would not want your death on some one elses heart. your insurance does cover stupidity right???:rolleyes:
  7. jonboy2five

    jonboy2five Member

    where do you put your feet?

    and thats not a motored bicycle...
  8. jonboy2five

    jonboy2five Member


    it may be the fastest, but its not the lightest (i saw the photo, man. are you kidding? mc forks, banana seat w/poles to the dropouts, steel everywhere...) i WILL SAY THIS, it looks to be the UNSAFEST "bicycle" i have EVER seen...good luck (you will need it)
  9. HoughMade

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    Curious- someone run the math on the rpm the engine is turning at the speeds mentioned.
  10. jonboy2five

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    hey houghmade you made a REALLY good point. a 36t on a 26" wheel doesnt go 50+...how fast would it go on a 20"? i WILL TELL YOU...23% SLOWERRRRR! in other words it wont hit 40 without going 8-9k or more..whatever bro!
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  11. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    11,500 rpms :shock:

  12. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I'll just say....I'm a bit dubious.

    Nitromethan is an interesting substance. the key to its power is not higher energy content, it's the "built in" oxygen which allows 8.7 times more nitromethane than gasoline can be burned in one stroke with the same amount of air. While gasoline has about 4 times the energy per unit of mass than nitromethane, being able to burn 8.7 times more nitro more than makes up the difference.

    However, just adding nitromethane will lower power output. The carburetor must be altered to run rich, rich, rich- so rich it would not run on gasoline- to make any difference.
  13. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    hey guys. fyi. that frame doesnt exist anymore. the new frame doesnt have holes drilled in it cuz the 36toother fits. the polo seat isnt equipt. the speedometer reads 48.7 mph as the top speed i've hit. sorri if i broke your heart. no it doesnt have pedals cuz it's not a pedal bike.. i put a steel plate accross the top of the kickstand with griptape, i put my feet there, as pictured. i'll make a video for you guys with a car parallel with me to show yall whats up. just keep an open mind.
  14. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    the carburator doesnt run rich, but sumtimes if i'll open the throttle all the way it'll spit fuel back out. so i dont open it all the way.
  15. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Eleven-five from an HT, I am impressed. By the way, I'm 28, have a full head of hair, 6' 4" tall and drive a Lamborghini. I love the net.
  16. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    i'm 210lbs so i dont think the wight of the bike plays that big a role. still vary light compaird to all those 26" mountain pedal bikes..
  17. jonboy2five

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    yo zetti calibrate this...

    hey just b/c the speedo says 40-whatever doesnt mean ****. my old superbike says 175 but the (real) test says 150...LOL
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  18. jonboy2five

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    right about that..

    well you are right about one thing weight doesnt usually come into play as far as top speed is concerned. its power vs. drag...just takes longer for heavier guys to get there...
  19. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    duh. i'll test it's actual top speed with a parallel vehical. to get an acurate reading. I'll be proud to share it with you.
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  20. Yes but a 26" wheels gear ratio is going to turn less compared to a 20" therefore go faster, less low end torque but faster top end. 11,500 rpm no wonder you are looking for 8mm head bolts, I would suggest 10 or 12mm for the stresses that engine is under..... Guess we will just have to wait for the video
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