66cc/80c legal to drive in missouri?

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  1. Hiwazup

    Hiwazup New Member

    hey guys im just wondering if its legal or not to drive my bike and stuff. :p

  2. srdavo

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    In Missouri, I believe it's under 50 cc's & at least 16 years old.
  3. Hiwazup

    Hiwazup New Member

    meh the police probably dont know the difference anyway, as for the age i can just say im 16 lol.
  4. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    yup yup...relying on Police stupidity as you lie to them GREAT plan you will go far...:rolleyes7:

  5. skjjoe

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    plan on being pulled over. And yes they will ask for i.d.
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I would carry some ID with the age changed to proper age
    and a note from mom and dad stating they give permission


    note -- it is not a good THING to lie
  7. Hiwazup

    Hiwazup New Member

    the note thing is a really good idea i'll probably do that and if they really want proof my mom and dad will lie for me lol.
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    bad boy

    bad boy
    you should have taught them better than that !!

    now have fun as you ride that MB thing
  9. Hiwazup

    Hiwazup New Member

  10. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Parents lying for their children so they can advert the law (nice teachings) and ride a MB:dunce:...nice way of bringing up our children. Wonder if that has anything to do with the sad state the United States is in.:veryangry:
    Then to post it on a Open public forum...well I just don't know.
  11. professor

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    Here is what I suggest- build your bike and run it in the fields until you turn 16.
    The idea of an age qualification is that people are less wild and crazy with a couple of more yrs. experience tacked on (Knowing what I know now, a couple of more decades is more like it). During this time you can get your bike sorted out and find the weak links. When you do us it on the road, if you keep it quiet, ride it like a bicycle (and NOT like a motorcycle) sensibly, you will likely never get stopped by police.
  12. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Well said...unfortunately its not just in the U.S 'kids' these days as a whole have little respect for others, some of the **** i see these young adolescences get up to in my day would of got you a kick in the ***, now they get 'time out' or grounded so they can think about what they have done wrong, yeah...to think about how to not get caught doing the same **** next time!...YUP! seems to be working great the young of today are so much better behaved than 20 years ago:-S

  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    rode before legal age here in Calif -- 6 or 7 years old

    I rode one before legal age here in Calif -- 6 or 7 years old
    my son rode before legal age -- 11 or 12 years old
    and yes Al in your neck of the woods Ala where my father was Assit Chief of Police
    and he rode a Harley for many years on the force
    my brother rode there before legal age

    two wheels with motor
    with many it's in the blood.............

    hardy think that this is what is bringing the country down
    young ones riding motor bikes
    actually keeps many a young lad away from the crime zone THINGS

    some parents let their kids smoke pot, drink and fool around at home
    stating that -- I know they are going to do it anyway so why not at home
    NO I DID NOT let my kids do any of those THINGS
    just some innocent motor bike riding
    admitted -- we do live in the country

    ride that THING
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  14. safe

    safe Active Member

    Missouri Moped Law


    "Any two-wheeled or three-wheeled device having an automatic transmission and a motor with a cylinder capacity of not more than fifty (50) cubic centimeters, which produces less than three (3) gross brake horsepower, and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than thirty (30) miles per hour on level ground."

    So NO MANUAL CLUTCH is allowed... must be an automatic clutch. (it's a safety issue)

    I live in Missouri and have ridden 7000+ miles on an electric moped that is about 1.5 hp.


    Missouri has a culture that is "freedom oriented" so the police tend to let you do what you want. So I wouldn't worry about problems because the police tend to be really cool. I live in the suburbs though... if you are downtown (Kansas City) things get crazy down there. (so it might be different in the urban areas)
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  15. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    OH **** i didnt even realise Kansas was in Missouri, so Safe have you ever met Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ? :jester:

  16. arkives1

    arkives1 Member

    I don't know what's legal in Missouri but in wisconsin you must have a valid regular drivers license and at least 16.
    The current statute states no more than 130cc for motorized bikes and not able to go over 30 mph. Yeah, I thought that 130 was a mistake too but that's what it says. May as well get a motorcycle if you want that much engine.
  17. arkives1

    arkives1 Member

    I agree with AL. When my sons were younger they sometimes got in trouble, I let them take the consequences of their actions for they knew right from wrong. One son was arrested for drunk driving on a Thursday night, he called me for bail. I bailed him out on Tuesday. He went to court and was convicted, he got a hefty fine and revoked license, had to file proof of financial responsibily insurance (Expensive!) Had to carry that for 5 years. None of his brothers ever drove after drinking again after that. Call me a meanie or an abusive parent if you will. They all grew into fine young men and even the jailbird son says I did it right.
  18. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    YuP YuP get a motorcycle pay rego insurance you will also need a motorcycle license sounds like a great plan MUCH cheaper :-S

    RE: your sons, mores the pity more parents aren't like yourself these days, nothing wrong with a little "tough love" imo the way kids are these days is a disgrace.
    And as you say they turned out fine! All this molly codling of kids these days is bull**** IMO, they grow up into *******s with little regard for authority.

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  19. arkives1

    arkives1 Member

    66/80cc legal in Mo>

    DANG they're tougher on bike there. Wisconsin makes a distinction between mopeds and motorized bicycles. The moped law is about the same as Mo's
    Motorized bicycles can have manual clutches here and are do not require registration, license plates, insurance or motorcycle license. Not sure about helmet requirements but I highly recommend one and prefer a helmet that protects the forehead too. I've taken a few hard whacks to the head and my current mental state is a testimonial for helmets.(That's according to my kids) Rightttt.........
  20. ibdennyak

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    Wonder if that has something to do with the Whizzer?