A clearcut federal criteria for motored bikes

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    Wouldn't it be nice if we had a national bit of legislation that clearly
    defined a legal MB and applied to bikes nationwide. It would certainly
    eliminate the confusion and dread for those of us who would like to
    travel interstate without having to worry about local laws.
    Obviously, to achieve such a policy, we must first sway lawmakers
    to the cause. That's not gonna happen as long as a few of our number
    continue to ride irresponsibly, blasting thru stops, and generally
    terrorizing the burbs with reckless riding,(no matter how much fun it
    may be).
    Like it or not, if we are to attain positive recognition, we must each
    behave as ambassadors to the public and "govern ourselves" in a
    manner worthy of regaining some of our lost freedom.
    Furthermore, we must all be unrelenting at pressing our representatives,
    (reprehensibles?), to create and pass such a bill.
    Where I live my bike is not especially legal,(contradictory statutes).
    Thing is, I ride like a good little boy with a helmet, orange vest,lights,
    and mirror, observing traffic rules, and generally trying to behave in a
    courteous fashion. As a result, the cops totally ignore me, and those I
    pass usually smile or are at least indifferent.
    In conclusion, "Ride Friendly", you'll make it easier for the rest of us.