Be prepared for some steep price hikes.


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5:34 AM
Jul 23, 2020
Alamogordo, NM, USA
We are more than likely to see some steep price hikes coming our way for almost anything to do with our motor kits, accessories, etc for anything coming from China, all due to the trouble being caused to shipping through the Red Sea to the Suez Canal etc.

If you know your gonna need things related to your bikes, I would be stocking up now while you can as these problems are not going away anytime soon and subsequent restocking, If and when it does happen, will become increasingly more and more expensive than what it is at the moment.

Things are imploding in the middle east and escalating daily, now imagine China's reaction for the sea routes they rely on and need to use to keep their economy from weakening anymore than it has already, you can be sure they will get involved in this mess as well as every other world economic entity that has vital interests in keeping trade routes open and safe and their own countries economic interests viable.

You know they are going to act, we just don't know how yet, and in the meanwhile supplies are going to be tight and more expensive as well, the longer that this goes on.

And just as a side note about China, China has more than 370 ships and submarines, up from the 340 ships they had in 2023, according to an annual report, opens new tab released by the Pentagon in October, making it numerically the largest navy in the world.

I am sure they are not building these war ships and submarines this fast just to enter the international yacht races and regatta's this
Remember, it's in the worlds interest to keep the sea lanes open. Only Russia will benefit by shutting them down, they love chaos. Even the mideast relies on shipping vast amounts of oil to keep afloat.
Welcome to the real world Gordy...And the real kicker is they are supposed to be the adults and leaders of men, not the bullies in the school
Civilization is just exploitation with brief moments of cooperation.

I was going to wait on a Tillotson, but now I might need to get one sooner.