A curious issue regarding acceleration

I just want to say you guys's racist comments are completely uncalled for!!!
And after all the painstakingly, meticulous care and craftsmanship that lou kang put into the engines that we all enjoy everyday (completely issue free).
You should be ashamed of yourselves 🛐
Try to remember without them our engines would.... (Ewww)
Be made of actual metal.
And you wouldn't want that now... Would you???
I have the needle set in the middle and it starts with the choke almost open. Runs great after a few minutes with it wide open. Idle is good, no load throttle is perfect. It's when you put the load on, it is challenged.
If you are actually 4 stroking, spitting smoke and NOT mooing/lean bogging then maaaaaybe the jet is too big and someone put one too big in there, or maybe your squish gap is a mile wide.

Also, you aren't running some goofy gearing no?

And also, how old is your fuel mix and what is the ratio? if you don't know, start with fresh 20:1 assuming its still a baby.

Toss that stock plug if you haven't already, that will have you chase your tail.