a HUGE Thank you to all that post here

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  1. flailer

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    Hi and Hello,

    Just wanted my first posting here to properly express my Thanks to you fine folks......

    See, My brother started discussing with me the concept of motorized bicycle, and the search began; first for vendors, and then a wild idea took hold....... find a users' forum, pick the brains of others........ and that's when we found MotoredBikes.com...... and ...

    And what started out as a simply smart idea (on his part) to save gas and money..... has turned into an obsession. This forum has TOTALLY opened our eyes to the revolution, and the fun that motorized biking can be!!!!

    Personally i own, what, 5 non-motorized bicycles, and my first thought was:: NO, THIS IS WRONG..... i'm a purest, i can't put a motor on a bicycle < he thinks, sticking his nose in the air>

    But did you guys ever set me on the right path with your posting/ideas/projects!!!

    How freaking FUN!!

    So, My fine Brother went out and bought a "mirror silver" Electra Townie (make and model) and we are currently bringing it up to spec, before we order and drop the motor-kit onboard.

    So, Thanks again, and here is a peek-see at the model of bike we have decided to use for our first of at least two MB. (sorry the color is wrong, but you get the idea)
    (did i do okay attaching / posting the pic?):???:

    We are currently thinking that Golden Eagle Kit is the way we want to go...... Any and all input would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  2. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc, Flailer! Thanks for joining us. I've personally had no experience with GEBE kits (or any rack mount kits for that matter), so I'm unable to tell you if your choice if bike for that kit is a good one or not. But I can say that the Electra is a cool looking ride on its own. The vast majority of GEBE users really love their engine kits. However, the company is enjoying such tremendous sales growth that they had recently been experiencing delays.
    Anyway, welcome aboard, and I'm sure you'll be able to get all the info you need from the folks here on this forum.
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  3. flailer

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    Thanks for that, King and founding Member of the Whizzer Riders of Lancaster County.

    Yeah, basically we had our choice of any bike we wanted, and the Townie won the contest hands down for:
    - Kitted for "street" (rather than "dirt" or "road" or "beach-front" riding);
    - Comfortable riding position;
    - Very nice seat (should be able to sit still for an hour and beyond);
    - Slightly more slack head-tube angle, for higher-speed-handling (but not cruizer-slow handling either)
    - Choice of speeds; Single-speed, internal hub, 7 or even 21 speed;
    - Choice of brakes; coaster for single speed, or for us V-brakes;
    - Front suspension fork; not a bomber fork, just a moderate fork to take the edge off bumps
    - Stock tires (kitted for street again) that work; not big 'ol ballon tires, no knobbies, not hard high pressure either - Just rounded slicks that appear to be good for speed and cornering.

    Only mods, so far, are:
    - $20 cyclicomputer (for distance and speed)
    - Tire liners (between tube and tire, to stop flats)
    - Slime in tubes (to stop flats)
    - Small tweaks to make bike fit / work best (position of bars, seat, brake levers, adjust wheel bearings etc)
    - Fine tuning V-brakes for fast-firm stops.

    Prolly the only thing people should be made aware of is that standing-up and pumping on the pedals is not a strong point on this bike, due to the height of the handle bars.... but that is one of the things that makes this bike so right as a laid-back comfortable bike.

    Darn, i'm wordy arent i? Sorry.
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    hello flailer and welcome to MBc...now your intro rocks...this thread needs to be bumped as i have been gone a few days at the 1st national PNW rally in ocean park washington...good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring.
  5. flailer

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    Thanks Quay, for the response as well as your other postings.

    i saw your thread on the ocean park rally.... and wished i could'a been there. (now i'm wondering if there are even more pics since last time i looked)

    Know that we are now we're shifting our thinking from Golden E to Staton friction drive.
    We are considering this change due to the simplicity on ongoing-maintenance (if we're reading the postings here correctly)........
    And that is another reason to thank everyone for posting their opinion and insight.

  6. augidog

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    "However, the company is enjoying such tremendous sales growth that they are experiencing delays."

    simply not true...kits are currently shipping within 3 days...
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  7. KilroyCD

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    Augi, my apologies. I was only going by what I've read on past threads, and it was apparently dated information. But I was mostly using it to point out the tremendous popularity of the GEBE kits, not to steer anyone away. It's good to know that GEBE has caught up with the high demand.
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  8. graucho

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    Hi flailerWelcome to MBc!
    Please review the measurement section to make sure the upper frame area (where the caliper brake area is) dosen't narrow to much for the belt ring to fit. Other than that, GEBE's a great set up. Maybe the best so far.

  9. augidog

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    kilroy, for future reference...i'm pretty busy lately, but i try to keep the gebe-support topic up to date. as i know it, y'all know it, and the good news had come in just last week.

    hiya flailer. since i'm here anyways...maintenance has kinda been a non-issue with my first GEBE tanaka PF33...i recently replaced a few things because i'm taking it racing, but until then it was an original assembly of original parts, never a replacement of anything...i keep the 4000-mile belt hanging on my wall, just to show off. it's stuff like that that finally led to my decision to back golden eagle.
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  10. bluegoatwoods

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    That's a really good looking bike.

    And if it's not the best standing-on-the-pedals type of bike, that shouldn't be a huge problem when motorized.