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When i got my whizzer it was a sad sight, it needed a lot of help, within a few hours she was singing and flying - with a few more weeks of parts collecting she is now half way to where i want her to be. as with any hobby, and in my case, anything with a motor on it-

im hooked

i rode my whizzer to work the other day (a hot rod/restoration shop, working there until the strike ends or school starts) and a co-worker fell in love with it, we decided to maybe start building bikes, we are both expierenced metal workers and we figured that building a cool cheap type of transportation would be awesome! and it might make us some dough.

ive been lurking around here and ive gotten some pretty good ideas about whee to go from here, but id just like to throw some questions out there

whizzer is out of the question, although they have the coolest looking motors IMHO, as we all know, you cant get the kit anymore

so as far as motors go, grubee? dax? order from motorbikemike? i dont know the first thing about all these diffrent motors/gearbox things available

is there a good 4 stroke around that wont break the bank at monte carlo?

of the 2 strokes, wich will give us the most power for our "off road use only" creations? also what would look most like a vintage style motorcycle motor?

we want to come together and meet somewhere in the middle, my friend wants to cover the chopper end of the deal, and i want to cover the more boardtrack/50s style, but as far as the chopper side of things goes, where can we get the biggest fattest bicycle wheel and tire for the rear of the thing? also, is there anyone out there that can make custom hubs for larger rims?

and for the boardtracker style, where can we get the biggest, most bad *** 26 inch wheels, bad *** spokes, vintage style controls and all white tires

this is all just in the planning stages, but im so excited! thanks for your help!


hey mike, i just spoke to you on the phone today! i was planning on calling you in the morning!

Bean Oil

I think I said "Hi!" in your intro thread a couple of weeks ago... I live in SoCal and work in the same biz...

To really get a feel for what you want to do in this motored bike hobby you've got to get one built first and then put at least 200 miles on it. I've just done this and my perspective has been altered... LOL. More will be revealed as you ride and develop your machines.

Another thing that will help immeasurably is to "read, read and read" the forums here.

If you want to talk, send me a PM. If not, then good luck. Our paths will cross eventually; it's a small town.

- Chris



Greetings lobsterboyx: Concerning the wide wheel / tire / chopper look... You might like to take a look at a site called atomiczombie..... You'll see many examples there of guys that have mounted wide dragster tires and wheels onto bicycle chopper frames... Have a look at one of the member built bikes called "Chopzilla"... For my 2 cents, that's one sweet ride that's just dying for a Titan 4-stroke!!! Hope this helps.........mojo


where is the best place to buy an 80cc or some kind of 4 stroke?

Huge question.....can u narrow that down a little bit...2-stroke/4-stroke...frame mount/rear mount/friction drive?
I agree that there's MASSES of choice out there and it's very confusing.You need to know it's intended purpose,what your budget is,etc etc.
eg,With budgets start with a figure then add 40%.
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