Risky's 2008 Ambassador II Whizzer Rebuild

In Florida, any Whizzer is a Motorcycle. And most other states since it is over 50cc. The pedals allow it to be overlooked or when registering it, DMV sees the pedals and assumes it fits the Moped class...... We will talk more about this frame later on.....
Yeah, I understand different states have different laws
Not much left after today. 😃


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And finally the frame is naked 🫣 Now the real work begins…..rust and then more rust..

Have not decided on color yet. Don’t think I will keep it black. Maybe maroon or green? Plenty of time to decide.


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The work continues....I can see this will be a 3 month project I believe. Just sent the cylinder and new head kit off to Mr. Quenton Lee Guenther the Whizz for decking, valve re-cut, cylinder hone, head shave, and open up the intake port from 17 to 22MM for a larger carp.

More updates next week as I finish up several component clean-ups including refurbishing the plastic belt cover. Wheels are de-rusted but not excited about the remaining chrome finish. Rust really took it's toll on several spots but they look 100% better than befor.

Trying to decide on the frame color. It seems all vintage and repop Ambassadors were black. Thinking maybe Pacemaker burgundy. or maybe dark green? Maybe keep it stock......Any thoughts? Going to keep it simple and may do some striping on the fenders or other larger frame components. Tank will only have Whizzer decals on it after painting.