Whizzers Should Not be Such a "Mystery" :)

Whizzer USA sold back the whizzer patent to the Goldman family. They haven't done anything yet, and probably won't. No one to call for information, Especially for the new generation whizzer. I didn't think it was a good idea.
So...here we are. A Secret...There is still another whizzer patent.

What is patented? The “design ” or are you referring to the trade mark and trade dress?
So, I did a simple patent search and there are no active Whizzer Patents. Previous patents included the Pacemaker springer fork, the case mounted AC power generator, the Loop frame (i think that is what I saw), the actual dive system of the pulleys; small to large, the rear "coaster brake" which looks like the large 5 inch brake on some bikes and a couple of other things.

As far as trademarks go, The Goldman's do have the Whizzer logo but only for goods"Shirts, hats, caps and hoodies". The Whizzer winged wheel logo for goods "motorbike" has been "Abandoned" as of 2021 for lack of extension or use apparently. Note that they do have the NAME "WHIZZER" (not the stylized logo, just the title with no specific font or style) for goods; Motorbikes. So you can put the logo on anything other than shirts, caps hats or hoodies apparently, but not the "name" whizzer on a motorbike.
The start of 2024...Whizzer Mike riding a CVT Ambassador.