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    WHAT MAIN JET SIZE ARE YOU USING IN THE STOCK NT CARB and WHAT NEEDLE CLIP POSITION YOU ARE USING 1-5,,, i know some older carbs have only 4... but please tell
    And briefly tell what is done to your engine ,,,, like exhaust type and picture or description,, light to heavy porting and polish,, PISTON modifications for piston port engine or piston REED valve engine,, what type of HEAD your using,, stock or aftermarket CDI,,

    Any and all info will help like your stock came with bike MAIN JET SIZE(70 ish +/-))))) and what you are using now plus needle clip slot position and what modifications were done that you had to change MAIN JET and NEEDLE SLOT.....

    Thank you all info will be calculated to try to help everyone with proper jetting..!!!!!!

    picture shows old 4 slot needle and slide which is shorter then NEW 5 slot needle and slide......

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    as far as I know everyone lowers the needle to the limit and even then it runs too rich at mid range.
    main jet preference will depend on exhaust pipe, head, CDI, altitude, and air filter.
    You can only find out what's right for your ride by trying different sizes.
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    Every bike is different. Every place where you ride that bike is different..... Too many variables to give a certain choice.

    I run mine at stock position and seem to run fine.
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    I don't bother much with setting the needle, as long as it'll idle it's fine. I spend 99% of my time with the throttle either closed or wide open. I use whatever jet the engine wants, every engine is different and every locale is different. a 66 jet is a good starting point for operation at sea level.

    the bare minimum of mods I'll do are adjusting port timing, duration, and width, reed valve and supporting internal modifications, properly tuned expansion chamber, compression adjustments to suit the engine's purpose, and a stuffed crankcase.
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