Tires A tire that specs. "300 pounds", 4 ply sidewalls

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    I heard yesterday that there is a "made in Mexico" tire, designed for the harshest and heaviest conditions, specifies that it carries 300 pounds.

    The reason I ask is there may finally be a diesel engine on the, Jack was first going to order straight from China, but then saw he could get a 10 hp generator for $350, which would be cheaper than shipping engine only from Taiwan.

    The tires would go on a trike, an old Worksman sitting on his porch.

    But 2 ply sidewalls would NOT be a good thing, that's why I'm asking if anybody has heard of this 4 ply? Googlesearching has yielded me nothing.

    Made in Mexico is the only clue I have.

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    The 4-ply tires I ran to New York were from Mexico- I only went through three on that long haul! Though mine were 28" X 1 1/2", I believe they also make the standard 26" ones in 4-ply. Never looked but I heard Michelin made 4-ply in standard sizes too...
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    here's some quick leads. these are all 26" from 1.75 - 2.5

    Continental-Travel Contact DuraSkin ATB; Sport Contact Reflex ATB

    Nokian- NBX DH in 2.3 &2.5

    Intense- DH FRO Tire 26" black 2.35

    happy hunting,
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    Thanks Steve,

    I'm writing them down to relay the info, 2.5 would really be a nice feature if he can convert the extra Whizzer wheel he has leaning against the wall.

    Thanks again !!

  5. DougC

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    I never heard of such a bicycle tire from anywhere, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    One VERY common brand of pedicabs in Mexico is named Mercurio (I don't know the local name for them however, and "Mercurio trike" doesn't get hardly any results on Google).

    This is a "reverse" (tadpole) trike with swing-axle steering and a front-facing cargo deck.
    See here:
    Notice that the multiple Mercurio trikes shown above appear to have all three wheels and tires the same size (the same diameter and width).

    Now look at this one, also a Mercurio:
    The front tire is visibly fatter, but also looks a bit smaller in diameter (you can see that it does not fill out the side wheel loop like the ones in the first link do).
    If the rear tire is a 26"x2.3, then the fronts are probably just 24"x3"s.

    I asked for you on one bicycle forum:

    Running 24"x3"s would help in the above case, because they could be inflated to a lower pressure and absorb more road bumps without suffering snakebite flats.

    I don't think that the tire load is really the problem here, unless you want to run marshmallow-soft tires. Even a cheap regular balloon bike tire will support 250-300+ lbs, if the rest of the wheel is built well enough. The only problem is how fast do you plan on hitting bumps in the road.
  6. DougC

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    Here is an example of a large Euro cargo trike that weighs 350 lbs empty, and is rated to carry 650 lbs.
    In particular, note the logo on the tire.
    It is too small to read, but it is a Schwalbe logo.
    See here:

    Now--I don't know what model of tires that huge cargo trike uses, but Schwalbe only makes normal bicycle tires.

    The normal tires will hold 300 lbs each without much problems, the question is how hard you want to hit bumps--and for that you need suspension. But remember, suspension does not only have to be the wheels. Putting on some kind of springer-style seat can reduce the frame shock a lot also.

    I have also seen with older trikes like this that some did use motorcycle wheels and tires in front, instead of bicycle wheels,,,,,, but I was not able to track down an online picture of any examples.
  7. DougC

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    Or, maybe not......

    While browsing another motorized bicycle website, I have found another mention of 4-ply tires bought in Mexico.

    See the photo pf the guy standing in front of the hardware store window, about one-fourth of the way down the page:

    He also mentions buying "28"X 1 1/2" aluminum wheel hoops".
    The Sheldon Brown site
    says that this size is 635 ISO / 700B, and it is mostly used on English/Chinese/Indian rod-brake roadsters....


    Eeenterestink, veddy eenterestink....

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    BTW. Here's the shop info...

    Ferretera Central De Allende S.a.
    Juarez Sur No. 203 S/n
    Col: Centro
    Allende, Coahuila 26530

    Tel: 862.621-0078

    It's in Acapulco