Across America on a Motor Bicycle - 1903

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    In 1903 a young gentleman from San Francisco by the Name of George A. Wyman rode, pushed, pulled, carried, and crawled his 1902 "California" brand motor bicycle from San Francisco to New York City. He achieved this monumental undertaking before the first automobile crossing by Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson (in his Winton Automobile) and made better time, finishing his adventure in New York City at the "New York Motorcycle Club" rooms, 1904 Broadway, a mere 50 days after departing San Francisco. Amazingly, over half of Mr. Wyman's journey was accomplished by pounding over the ties of the trans-continental railroad as there were no "real" roads in the sense that we, in the modern age, have come to think of for Mr. Wyman to travel upon. America on a Motor Bicycle.html


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    By the way, uncle_punk13 was one of the pioneering members of this forum back some 6 or 7 years ago. His name is Rif Addams and he did a 100 year tribute ride to Wyman in 2003 by recreating the trip across America with amazing authenticity.

    His story can be seen here:

    Rif doesn't come round these parts much anymore, like a lot of the old guard, but he's still out there breaking new ground.
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    great stories guys
    most people has no idea that MB's were the first motorcycles
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    Thanks for posting those links, Richard H. One of the things I like about this forum is that it is a great source for travel stories. That was what originally attracted me.