Add a decompression valve without modifying your engine

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jefuchs, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I invented this idea in my head earlier today, only to find that someone else has already made it. It allows you to use your spark plug opening for double duty, adding decompression capability.


    Here's the source:

    It's very expensive. I added my decompression valve for about $15 by drilling and tapping my head cover. If you have one of those cool cnc head covers, it may not be an option.

    To be honest, I don't know if this fits an HT engine, but I love the concept.
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    I see, and now i want, and now i'm making a credit card purchase.

    Just beautifully designed compression release systems.

    I thank both of you for bringing these beautifully designed compression release solutions to my attention.
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    Another option would be to buy a twin-plug head (also expensive) and put your decompression valve in one of the spark plug locations.
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    That's one of Fred's. He's a seller here and the other site and will be coming out with a decompression port head.

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    It's wild, you'd be hard pressed to find any truly new ideas.When my bro was 15 he thought he invented turning headlights, then read in an encyclopedia that Mercedes Benz did it in the 40's.
    Very cool idea that never crossed my mind, make a 2-stroke have an easy pull start.
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    Just food for thought, along with compression being released through that valve in the nice billet head you will also be releasing oil onto said head. Even still I am considering such a set up for my Briggs.
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    Yes, my head is a mess, but the motor is easy to start. It's a trade-off, like so many things in life.
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    How big is that vent hole on it , could you take a pic with a penny or dime next to it, maybe enlarge it a bit and thread a piece of tubing run it to a puke tank.
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    Wow, that is insanely expensive for something you could build yourself from a cheap/broken spark plug and a few extra parts. A while back I had an idea to modify a spark plug by cutting some slits in the threads and attaching a little wrench to act as a leaver to open/close the plug. Never tried it though. I had a plug go loose before and black burned oil was bubbling out of the top, wouldn't that eventually clog up a valve.