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    So, Hello crew, I've been lurking for a couple days, and figured I should join. I do not yet have a powered bike, but am an avid cyclist, riding road, mountain, dirtjump, urban freeride, and biketrials. I also have been involved in motorcross for quite some time. Sooo, I gues it only seems natural to combine my 2 passions, well, 3, I love tinkering and building as well.

    So, here is my probably crazy idea.

    basic idea=heavy duty bicycle(strong wheels and rear rack), in frame mounted 4-stroke and a variable gear ratio. The reason for in frame is that I want to keep this utilitarian and useful, so I want my racks for storage, not an engine. And 4-stroke because they (in my experience) are more reliable, and I can use pump gas.

    Starting w/ the bike- I am thinking a felt cruiser, or maybe a custom steel frame(could get done for around $200. Cheap? yes it is. He is in peru, and does good work and could probably be kept to around 6-7 lbs) and spec it out w/ bike components of my choice.

    Engine- I really like the fact that Honda makes small engines(I've always ridden Honda motocross) and like what I see about their GXH50 motor.

    Drivetrain- I really like what I've seen of the staton gearbox and integration of the NuVinci hub(Which looks very promising)

    Here's the problem. I havent seen this done. Has anyone done an in frame mount of that motor? It would be torquey, so does anyone have any advice about a substantial mount system? or just fabricate a steel plate and weld it on? Also, would Staton's gearbox work in this configuration? I know it's a big engine, so it would have to be mounted high and foward(to avoid while pedaling) and it would be increasing drive chain length. Or would wide cranks be enough for clearance? Like a outboard bearing style, or an isis spline w/ a 128mm bottom bracket. I dunno.

    I imagine this would cost around $2000 all in all.

    So is this feasable at all? do I just need to give up on the rack idea and use it to mount the engine? is it weird riding w/ an engine hanging off the side of the bike?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Off the top......

    Frame mounting the Honda 50, or any 4 stroke really, AND the the Staton gearbox, you are going to need a veeery wide crank in the BB.

    You do want this to pedal, right?

    BTW, welcome to the board, I like your thinking. Have you seen the jackshaft some MBc forum members are producing?
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    Hey rocpyro, warm welcome to MBC. Someone else will have to help with your question. Im not up with that set up