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    Was reading website and thought I might make a contribution. I just completed my first build. It is a mountain bike with a rear mounted Honda GXH50. I mated it with a CVT and then directed the drive to the gears on the bike, ala sick bike parts. I machined my own hub so that I have 21 speeds on the bike plus the CVT. I still retained the free wheel on the front crank and also have freewheel gear on the engine jackshaft. The engine is mounted backwards (with exhaust in the rear), so this enables me to use the stock exhaust muffler on the Honda. Am a little on the old side, and haven't ridden a bicycle in 40 years. This makes the engine very necessary!!

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    welcome aboard.

    It sounds like you're well on your way. Good job!
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey mate..Welcome from Eno (Down Under)..We have lots of elderly statesmen here and they usually have the knowledge to share...You obviously have the mechanical skill and garage gear to get it done..Keep us posted with info and pics and when in need..hit the keyboard..Good luck Eno