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    Good morning everyone. I have a bit of a question about old engine and old oil. A friend of mine found a "Bike-bug?" 2-stroke engine and mount kit a few years ago in a barn attached to a bike. He has just started restoring it. The whole thing looks in very good shape being from the 60's attached gas tank, all the fuel and throttle lines seam to be intact and the motor turns over. The only problem now it would seam is that the motor will not run for any extended length of time. My friend thinks the tank it dirty or contaminated with old dried oil and its clogging the intakes. Dose anyone here have any experience with this kind of kit? and cleaning them? Any help would be nice. Thanks.

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    DEPENDING totally upon the individual conditions...

    Generally speaking MOST old motors could do with a PROPER cleaning of the inside of the tank, the fuel valve, the fuel lines and the carburettor, if they have been sitting around for a LONG time.

    Solvents like white spirit (naptha) and acetone etc., as well as the carburettor cleaners can be a big help. A good soaking of the varnish in a stainless steel saucepan with a lid or a screw top jar, is a good idea.

    The fuel and oil etc., tend to dry out and turn into a gum / varnish which is bad.

    Also there may be crap that is already in the pipes and jets and float bowl...

    In terms of your own problem, there can be stuff that floats around and blocks an orifice after a while, and when the device is turned off, it floats away or sinks, and the problem is unsolvable - except for a thorough cleansing.

    A handfull of gravel in the tank, a good shaking and a few flushes, is not a bad idea either.

    This is probably a good place to start anyway....

    After reassembly a decent car type of inline fuel filter and a properly oiled foam air filter is your primary line of defence.
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    Those old bike bugs were really cool. This site has some information about them I have a VeloSolex moped, which also uses a front mounted motor and friction drive. Unfortunately it was not designed to carry someone of my weight (230+) and I have destroyed 2 rear wheels. Unfortunately they cannot be replaced with a stronger bicycle wheel because they are an oddball size. I think a BikeBug would be a great way to go. Leaves the rear open for a rack and panniers.