Annual Bike Show and ride - Bring your best MB - 8/8/10 Brookline Ma.

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  1. shawnshank

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    Some of us went to this last year and we had a good time.
    This year is something a bit different in that they will be offering a Motorized Bicycle category for judging. Yeah!!!

    If anyone is interested and would like to park and ride in together, I live 8 miles from the museum (a nice ride) and have plenty of parking on my street. Post a reply and we'll go from there.

    Bike Show.jpg

    The event will be held at the same place as last year:

    Larz Anderson Auto Museum
    15 Newton St.
    Brookline, MA

    Event website:

  2. HseLoMein

    HseLoMein Member

    I will be there.
  3. shawnshank

    shawnshank Member

    If you want to ride in let me know.
  4. james65

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    If nothing comes up, I'll be there!

  5. chainmaker

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    How do I tell the misses that we are going to a bicycle show the day after our wedding ?????
  6. james65

    james65 Member


    Any chance you can get married on the 9th?

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