another LA cyclist arrested for being hit by a bus

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  2. Jim H

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    I rode a bicycle exclusively for 12 years, 1989-2001. I lived in areas which weren't conducive to owning a car and my money was tied up in support for my children. It kept me healthy and humble...I never encountered any problems with cages maybe because I rode aggressively and insisted on my rights to the road. That's the way I ride my mb . There are some ignorant drivers out there to be sure and as has been recently posted by Torques, some ignorant lawmen as well.
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    Hey Slidshow, I had to write them some bad emails, but it felt good!
  4. Mary

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    I read the article about the woman in Beverly Hills.

    I have a very good friend whose wife is a District Attorney and has been with the department going on 20 years.

    I told him today about the article and he said it was ridiculous. That sort of nonsense would never stand up in a court of law. Even here in CA. That officer's action should have been brought to the attention of his superiors and if necessary, a lawsuit instituted.
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    The problem with the police anywhere is simple. The people they are arresting often dont know the law and the worst thing is alot of the police know about as much as the average civilian. Oh, and never ever prove them wrong, they'll be after you for months after...

    I am Pagan by religion, and you wouldnt believe the stuff I have been accused of. I got lost once round the back roads going to an open ritual - driving a car that would just about take a couple of chairs in the boot - and was accused of 'casing houses to steal from them' ...

    I think the highlight however was when I was parked in the carpark of the local wood and went into the wood to do what I was there to do - and was promptly accused of being a drug dealer - notwithstanding the fact I was cloaked and driving the same little renault as before.

    So the cop says "we think you are dealing drugs..." and I looked at him as if he'd grown a second head and asked him if he'd met many drug dealers that drove a £200 car and wore cloaks as a matter of course... he had to admit he hadnt.

    So then he asks me what I was doing.. and I told him. To which his comment was "oh, youre one of those freaks...!". Then he threatens me that he could have searched the car if he felt like it... :-x

    So I said, go ahead. And dont think you are leaving until you do (I was steaming mad by this point). So him and his mate went through the car with a fine tooth comb and found absolutely nothing. I even made him check under the bonnet lol...

    "Find anything?..." I ask, knowing full well the only thing they are likely to meet are the ginsters wrappers under the seat and although they are probably as dangerous to health as class A 'medications' they arent illegal. He was forced to admit he hadnt and left looking distinctly upset... gods help the next person he ran into...

    It was quite lucky he didnt search me, considering that strapped on my left hip was a 6 inch damascene bladed Athame (aka ritual knife)... heh :grin:

    I am beginning to understand that the US is slightly different as regards cycling and the respect held for it on the roads... having been out there a few times and had the joys of driving out there, I can understand how its happened in a way - considering the average small/medium car is about the size of a medium/large over here - and there are the joys of such land yachts as the Ford LTD circa 1976 (that was an experience, sorta like the titanic with wheels, on snow...) anything smaller than a small truck just doesnt register... *sigh*

    Jemma xx
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