Another Newb checking in



Hello all: Great site with a really fine signal to noise ratio.. I have been dreaming of "going powered for a few years now, but have always gotten sidetracked due to one thing or another.. After finding this site a few months ago, and lurking obsessively, I could not stand it any longer:D, and so, here's another new member.... I currently walk of take busses to wherever I need to go.. I have been living without a vehicle for nearly 15 years.. Gave away a nice 320-I BMW as a matter of fact, when I decided to stop driving...I'm not exactly a tree-hugger type, but I just got tired of all the fees, red tape and general hassle and expense that owning and operating a car entails... Through these non motored years, I kept telling myself I might just get a scooter, but then always decided not to because of licensing and insurance yadda, yadda... A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto the GEBE site and became stoked as I happily learned of a way to putt about at around 30MPH and get over 100MPH:eek:!! What finaly got me to sign on here was the completely transparent honesty that the members show.. The exchange between Chris and Augi just clearly demonstrated to me how much of a sort of "community" can be found here... Well, as Christmas approaches and the cold wind howls, I'll bid you all farewell and Happy Holidays....P.S. This is surely a cool forum!!!!!



hey mojoruss! thanks so much for the comments as to how things work around here! thanks to augie & the moderators! we love it!! welcome to madness!