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    Im having a hard time with my front motor mount. It has broke a few times and I have re-tapped it a few times as well. The next time it breaks on me, (I have a feeling it will), I though I might try to do something totally different as I dont want to have to buy a whole new head until I really absolutely have to. I am thinking of using a strong hose clamp and kind of wrapping it around my engine and the frame. I have included a picture as to what I mean. Have a look and leave a comment as to whether you think it will work or not. thanks



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    Those hose clamps are not nearly as strong as you are giving them credit for. I don't think it will work.

    If your motor mount doesn't fit squarely against the tube, the studs will break. Try one of the manufactured front mounts you can find all over this forum and look for ways to incorporate rubber "shock absorbers" into your mount.

    On one of my bike builds I was never able to position the motor properly due to limited space and I was constantly breaking studs. I finally gave up and put that engine on a better bike frame.