Anyone know of anyone who makes custom hub?

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    I've been looking for someone to custom build a hub for me. It mimics motopeds rear hub. The closest I have seen is a motocross hub and when talking to the guys at Paul Hubs, Phil, and etc..they don't want to set it up because its for a motorized bike or they don't seem to want to make a custom hub. Even though I thought these guys did do custom stuff(and maybe I just got someone who just didn't know what to say). Then there is Staton Inc..I talked to David over there and he seems to be able to do it but he seems very busy which is good for the company but just trying to do my due diligent to see if anyone knows of any other people that could make a custom hub. Even if its someone who does this out of their garage at home for fun..Just trying to get something build is going to use a custom frame that I'm going to Tig up but need to get the wheels situated first so set my ride height.

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    Take a look at, go the the forums and scroll down to the RFQ forum(request for quote). If you have a drawing it helps. Cnczone is mainly a home machinest site but some of thoes people have some nice CNC equipment tucked away in their garages. There are also small machining shops on there to that do small orders in between longer runs when they have machine time open. You can submit a drawing and people will get message you back with quotes to machine your hub. Might be worth a try.


    found a link to the forum:
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    Have you seen the hubs that Big Boy Cycles makes?

    Super Duty Rear Hub
    3/4inch axle! Uses a 3/8 though bolt to fit standard drop outs (120mm width)
    9 bolt hole pattern on both sides of hub for max versatility! Sealed hub bearings sized like HD front wheel!

    36 hole, 12 guage.

    Heavy Duty Rear Hub for Motorized Bicycles with Coaster Brake
    Drop Out width 120 mm, billet aluminum construction with large coaster brake by Velosteel.
    Custom floating brake anchor gives more clearance for more sprocket offset!! 36 hole, fits 12 guage spokes, (for cross 4 pattern, use 10 5/8" long spokes for 26" wheel)

    9 bolt sprocket pattern, commen to many of the bike engine kits (Grubee...) may require drilling out holes on existing sprocket to next size.

    how much are you willing to spend on a custom hub?
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    I kind of like Super Duty Rear hub but I'm wondering if I could put a Maxxis Hookwork 2.5" tire and rim combo on that and it still have enough gap on drive side to put a bolt on sprocket. The 36 hole and 12 gauge spokes are pretty much spot on for what I'm looking to do but prefer the 135mm spacing. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong when it comes to the 120mm width but just worried it won't allow for fat tires. I'm actually working with Rad Manufacturing also to get them to build me a hub. They have what I have which is basically a picture of the hub I am looking to get made and the specs for it...they are telling me they can make it but haven't given me a cost yet. They are a motorcycle and atv hub builder but they seem to think they can do it. Will follow up with them again tomorrow and see if they can throw me a price. They make some really nice stuff and the hubs I have seen on there site are on par, pricing wise, with what I have seen from Paul hubs and other companies so I'm not expecting it to be a crap load but expecting it to cost some change for sure. Really just need the rotor mount and drive side to have the bolt on for a sprocket and the width...Color and looks I can live with whatever. Just want it to work and if these guys can deliver it would be sweet. Once I get the build finished which I know will take me a good while, I bet (or hope to bet) that I could get people to use the same setup I have it it works for one and its clean looking. This build will have a honda 50cc pitbike engine with their 80cc bore kit...looking at 26" Maxxis hookworm tires..not set yet on rims. With a custom jackshaft that actually also mimics the motoped bike but will be modified a bit to fit on a cruiser style frame. I have already got a CAD built up of the bike but its not very clean looking..been really busy with work, etc. This will be a slow build but at the same time a smart build. Don't want to go spending thousands on something when I can get it made or make it myself and get the same if not better results. Will try and give you guys an update tomorrow on the hub and see what kind of results I get.. *crossing my fingers*

    If you guys have anymore suggestions please throw them my way. I also have a CNC machine and lathe but when it comes to hubs I don't trust myself just yet when it comes to something like that, and if any of you guys ever want to get a custom ring made let me know. I make college and chamnpionship style rings for a living and what sucks is that I can't get any of my machine buddies to cook me up a bicycle hub. If I was a better lathe operator or knew a good way of making this hub myself I would. I use a automated system now but my CNC machine is used more for metal molds(smaller stuff so I can't just do a cad drawing and just cut this sucker out or I would).
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    this is possibly one of the easiest CNC programs to create?
    only way to become a better lathe operator is to operate a lathe!

    the only tricky part i can see is drilling the spoke holes... you have to flip the hub and index 10 degrees, for 36 spokes etc. one side is halfway between the other side.

    ie, you have to make a mandrel.

    the ali will cost you about $30 for 1' in 3" over there. thats two attempts :)

    or give me a drawing and $150 and pay postage :)
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    I might do that but for what the guys at Rad are charging me and i can get the hub anodized the color I want I'll probably stick to that route for right now but will keep you in mind. The other reason why I don't do it myself is because I need more tooling for my lathe to finish the job and I just don't want to buy more tooling right now.
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    David Staton of Staton Inc does custom machining.
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    I know but every time I talked with him he was really busy.. I will follow up with him if rad ends up not working out but will know Monday the final outcome.
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    whats wrong with grinding HSS?

    made a set of hubs for my hsc project at school. disc hubs. if a pimply 17 yr old could do it back then on a worn out school lathe...

    you sound like me actually. better at making excuses :jester: i got shelves full :)

    anodising. sulfuric acid, a tig welder, a bucket in the freezer and some dye for afterwards. fiendishly complex. you just gotta connect the wires up the right way, and practise a little.

    having a CNC machine does not a machinist make! the wright brothers got away with a drill press, a file and a chisel...