are these the same kit?


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Dec 15, 2006
they appear to be the same kit
you will get no buyer protection from the ebay site (no warranty at all and shipping is gonna hurt)
the uk dealer would be the route for me :D


i should just pay extra and go for the uk kit as you are totally right about the warranty issue.
the pound is so strong against the dollar its sooo tempting to buy from across the pond.
thanks for the conformation azkronic.


If you are in the Sates use the links to the left, if you are over sea's try and use the links to the left. they are your best bet. The latest mod for the happy engine is the wrist pin bearing, or gudgeon bearing. The canted spark plug, I dont know if it would help, maybe if you were putting the engine in a 20" bike! Also I don't like the small fins on the head, two smokes need to stay cool. That carb is better only if it has a slow speed jet, the bolt on carb is no big deal. The exhaust port is only better if it is in the correct place on the inside. It is not the size so much for the bearings as the quality, a German 6202 will last forever, a larger junk bearing would last longer than a small junk one. Our sponsors stand behind there stuff. Have fun, Dave