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    I have a question for anyone in this forum that is good with electronics,as I am not!! I have a couple of sealed lead acid rechargable batteries 12 V 3.6 A/H. And would like to recharge them when needed with a simple 12 V transformer(input 120VAC 60 HZ--output 13.5VDC 500MA). is this OK? and how long should I leave the charger on? thanks for any info Mac:confused:

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    Head to motorcycle shop and buy yourself a 500ma trickle charger for 25 bux. Length of charging time depends but take your amp h and divide by charging rate. I have a 7ah battery for my lights and after research it is considered dead at about 10.8 volts, any less and you may cause battery damage as these batteies are not deep cycle batteries which can be run till there completely dead. when the battery is at about 13.8 volts it is considered fully charged.