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  1. can u run the bike on a battery on instead of the flywheel

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    Clarification neeeded: Do you mean power the bicycle's motion with a battery? Yes, they have electric motorized bikes. Or do you mean power the lights with a battery, instead of the white wire? Yes, that can be done as well. I have a 12v 7ah lead-acid battery powering a nice bright light on my MB.

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    Third option- do you mean getting the power for spark from the battery? Answer is- theoretically yes, but hard and you would still have to time it somehow...and again- why?
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    And if you have an electric start you might cross into the area of your bike no longer fitting a certain classification and instead being legally classified as a motorcycle... which requires licensing, special driver's license endorsement, insurance, tags, tax, title etc...
  5. i mean run the spark from the battery
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    Then I reiterate. Why?
  7. idk i just want something to experiment with