Best combo for spoiler?



Okay folks, What is your experience with the schwinn spoiler? I purchased an unassembled spoiler springer chopper off of ebay and it will be arriving this week. I would rather install a motor before the bike is fully assembled. I live in the suburbs of north Atlanta. I plan on parking my mustang gt and riding this scoot to work for a total of maybe 9 miles roundtrip daily. The route is relatively flat with one good sized hill. Traffic is busy with speeds of 45+. I would like to be in the high 30's to 40mph if possible. Any combo ideas that have been tried yet? I have read several posts regarding 2 or 4 cycle motors. I am undecided so far. I do like ironwarlock's ideas for his project though. A honda gxh50 four with whizzer sheave sounds good but I am not a fabricator. I would rather have an "out of the box" combo for this bike. Grubee's 4 cycle install kits seem to be unavailable anywhere too! Are there any special considerations when converting this bike? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason
For one thing,the chop you have chosen is more for show ,if you truly want speed you going to have to go to a bike that runs 26 inch wheels but granted that for the bike to remain legal you will have to stay under 30 mph.
now with thatbeing said.........

you will need to go with a 32t rear sproket to get the highest speed out of your schwinn spoiler,I recomend a Dax 70cc and the 32t... now the draw back with this set up will be hills you will have to help it up, but this will give you the best top end Azvinnie runs a schwinn chop also and Azkronic runs a nice chop that runs a 26 inch wheel you might want to look at befor you commit to buy a bike with a 20 inch wheel :cool:
Thanks Loco, I have been leaning to Dax or maybe one of Simpsons left over grubee 2 cycle kits for availability and simplicity. Unforturnately I am an owner and the bike is "in the mail". I jumped on this chop because of the great price and the looks. I know the 20" wheel limits my speed but is it possible to install an internal multispeed rear hub with a motor on this bike. I've seen one of the shops offering the new nexus 7 speed internal hub on a motorized Stilletto chopper as a DIY package for 599!
Dimension edge makes a very simple kit that works great... gives you 30+ mph and is direct drive. and it costs 599. The owner of DE(my dad) rides a spoiler with that mounting hardware he just put a 52cc jug/piston on his mitsubishi engine on it and it goes just under 50. anyways just thought id let ya know.
Thanks Zemus! I have looked on your family website and saw your kits. I haven't bought anything yet but will keep the dimension edge kits in mind. I have decided to go four stroke. Can't decide between whizzer, Honda gx50 or Mitsu kits though. Thats an awesome top speed for the spoiler with a 20" wheel though! I am working on a dual front disc conversion now while I save for a kit. I'll keep everyone up to date with this project as I go along.
I also have a spoiler. I purchased the kit Zemus is talking about and put a TLE52 on it. I average around 40-45MPH. The kit is simple to install and works great.

well i thinki was talking to andyinchville and he said that a 36tooth on a 26 inch rim is the same as a 27 or 28 tooth on a 20 so i ordered the 27 and i havent got it yet but im gonna try it out