Best drive kit.

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Which is the best

  1. 4GT Belt drive

  2. Stage III

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  3. Q-Matic

  4. Other-Please list

  1. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    I am looking for feedback on what is the best drive kit.

  2. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    What does BEST Mean? What is the criteria for the designation BEST? The Kits you've listed all seem to be good kits. If keeping the price down is important but still providing some measure of Reliability then the Grubee III is your "Best" choice. But this kit has its problems the gearbox is loud and noisy, the clutch is far from optimum for the motor its made to mount to and to make it perform better requires modification. The engager system in theory is good but I've found that setting it up to stay permantly engaged is far superior to the way the instructions tell you to set it up. The Grubee 4G Belt system the knock on it is its width and weight. But its probably alot quiter than the III gearbox. The other drawback to the 4G is its made to fit the newer HS142 motor and will not fit on the Honda or older HS Clone motor. Grubee is offering a version to fit the Honda but to the best of my knowledge it is not available here in the states. The EZM system seems to get great reviews but you have to factor in that most of the people doing the reviews are Dealers. The Big PLUS with the EZM system is No Gears hence no noise and the MAX-Torque Clutch. The Max-Torque Clutch is over 4in. in diameter and the shoes are wider as well. Plus the folks at EZM worked with Jim Donavan at Max-Torque to optimize a special clutch specifically for their Drive system. I have a Max-Torque clutch on my first Honda powered bike and its far superior to the clutch that comes with any of the Grubee Kits. But the clutch alone was $88.00. The other knock on the EZM system is that it is expensive. But if you read thru the various threads on the 4-stroke section of this forum you will find stories of members that have spent more than the asking price of an EZM kit to get their $250.00 Hoot 4-stroke kits going reliably. There are new kits just comming to market from DAX and the SBP Shifter kit for the Honda/Clone 4-stroke. Also FireBelly cycles is working no some new kits for 4-stroke motors from various manufactures, that look very interesting, and are due on the market in the not to distant future.

    So once again What does BEST mean for you?

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  3. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Sorry that I was not more specific. I am looking for most reliable, and the best value. You have given good information and I thank you. I am in the market for a 4 stroke kit and I am down to the deciding factor being the drive. Another factor is if it is included with a kit (ie...everything needed to motorize the bike) I have read the threads on the various problems with each. I thought that for my benifit and others who are in the same place it would be good to have a poll or thread that put all comparisons in one place.
    Again, thank you for your response, you have placed more info in one post than I have found searching the various threads.
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  4. augidog

    augidog New Member

    hehe...the "what's the best" & "where do i get it?" area was so-named to lampoon this oh-so-common question.

    ...a valid response here can only be from someone who has direct experience with all your choices (dang 'scully i dunno if you've owned all that stuff but it looks like you have, and that was a good reply to "the" question) and the only valid results from the poll will only reflect the same "statistic" as one can glean from reading around the forum..."who owns what?"...this kind of topic usually erodes into guesswork & insults based on "loyalty" to one company or t'other.

    the best tool for gathering and finding this kind of info should be the "vendor reviews" section...i personally consider it every established members' duty to post a vendor review of every system they've owned...imagine...anyways, it's not used enuff to be truly effective and provide the TRUE answer to your VALID question.

    however, over time i've observed another way to your answer, stan4d...go into "the garage" and compare the number of "help me!" topics for the different choices ;)
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  5. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    The Best one is the one that works best for you and your type of use.
    There is no magic one kit fit's all.

    You have to decide what to buy/make, Based on many factors ie..... Budget, terrian, purpose, cool factor, reliability, diffaculty factor, safety, load carrying capacity..

    First determine some of the above requirements and go from there.
  6. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    This poll

    I personaly now give this poll a thumbs down!
    LOL...Thanks Augi, seanhan and ascully for guiding me away from this folly of a poll. In a perfect world I would get exactly the results I am looking for. How ever due to my imperfection in seeking the info, I have as a result a poll that askes an unanswereable question.:dunce:
    I have still been looking and I am leaning towards a stage III. The q-matic sounds promising, but I am the kinda guy that just wants to look without bothering anyone, and info is kinda scarce.
    The 4GT looks ok, but the size issue is a concern, along with what I feel are inferior covers.
    I am not set on any one drive yet, but I think I will let this poll and thread drift quietly to its own death.
  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    trust me, i know exactly where you're've browsed and interacted here & there...the way i see it, you have used the forums and you have you pared it down to "what do i think is best for me?" style- & size-wise...but you have a thing about being too quick on the trigger...keep shopping, things can only be better still by the time you make a final choice, eh?

    oh, just this one little thing...wink wink...if the choice becomes a close one and you need a final tipping point....and you were to ask me based on my having no direct experience with the new 4-stroke inframes at all...

    i'd wave my flag & say "buy american, buddy!"
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  8. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Sorry Augidog.:icon_cry: In the days that we grew up in that was true. But today it beggs the question, are we buying American, or Government supported industries (GM and Chrysler come to mind) or are we paying for pensions and large benifit packages of greedy people?
    It is sad to say but the days of buying American went away with NAFTA and all of the trade agreements our government made to support its wasteful spending.:ack2:
    :thinking:All I seek anymore is the best value.
  9. augidog

    augidog New Member

    all due respect, & this could be interesting :)

    whoa there, hoss :)

    we're not gm or chrysler or nafta or ceo's or elected or whatever or whoever...we're while i agree with you about all that other stuff (which i absolutely forget about when i'm riding along the bay at 30mph) i figure it's irrelevant as old-hat (no offense)...more of the same isn't getting us anywhere, so let's take it down a notch to the local level & keep the money we have to work with working. if a decision came down to a few bucks or a simple toss of the dice on which transfer-box is best, and we're otherwise just talking about a bicycle with an engine on it, i'm suggesting it wouldn't hurt to keep the groceries at home where they do the most good. i'm betting that in your neck of the woods there are plenty of people who'd rather earn minimum-wage stamping out "made-in-usa" sprockets than saying "welcome to wally-world" for a living.

    you may trust that i know thru direct experience that sometimes you stumble upon good americans offering good american products. let's be honest...are you here for the look, or are you here for the feeling?

    "recovery" is more than a word yaknow, it's action too :cool2:
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  10. Quote from Ocscully

    "The Grubee 4G Belt system the knock on it is its width and weight. But its probably alot quiter than the III gearbox. The other drawback to the 4G is its made to fit the newer HS142 motor and will not fit on the Honda or older HS Clone motor. Grubee is offering a version to fit the Honda but to the best of my knowledge it is not available here in the states. "

    The Honda/honda clone Hausheng142f Is available from I have one on my bike. Its narrower than the Hausheng 142 cc that has a taperd shaft and comes with the centrifical clutch installed .The weight on my G4 is in the same ballpark as the stage 111 and the Qmatic
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