Bicycle chain vs 415 chain on engine side

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    I noticed my 415 chain had a lot of side to side movement on my rear sprocket. I just bought a typical 1 speed bike chain that seems to be a much better fit but I thought I'd check to see if anyone here had advice or warnings about this.

    The only difference in the dimensions of the two chains is the width, 415 is 3/16" wide and the bicycle chain is 1/8" wide.

  2. HoughMade

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    All I can tell you is that with the number of people out there using a shift kit to send the power through the bicycle chain, I would think it would hold up for you.
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    The ratio of the sprockets has the greatest impact on chain.
    It causes alot of force at the pins where the links connect.
    With the 10T sprocket we end up putting more of a load to the chain pins then we should.

    Now as far as safty is concerned.
    The chain shouldn't catastropically fail.
    It can handle much more of a pull then we apply to it.
    But the Pins in the Chain will wear faster than normal.
    This causes the chain to Stretch.

    I don't use master Links.
    And i check my chain tension each ride.
    I broke one chain.
    But i'm sure this was caused by the chain getting loose and trying to ride off the sprocket.
    The link got jammed and it broke the side plate off.

    The bolt on sprocket on the rear wheel really isn't safe.
    I plan to Build a Jackshaft Shift Kit to Eliminate the sprocket.
    I have worn out the bearings rather quickly in 2 rear wheels.

    The last one i indicated the rear sprocket within .010 inch of being perfectly aligned.

    Still wore out the back wheel bearings.

    I would buy an SBP JACKSHAFT **** KIT if i had the money.

    Anyway using top quality BMX chain will be good.
    And allways check the tension.
  4. Douglas

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    How much tension is ideal?
  5. bseelbach

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    It seems alot of the new kits are coming with a bike chain. I have 2 with bike chain and 1 with stock 415. Kits with a thinner sprocket will run either 415 or bike chain. Kits with thicker sprocket will only run 415 or (thicker style chain). I prefer the bike chain. At first I thought it was only cheaper cost savings measure for the distributor. For me it is quieter, easier to adjust and less drag.

    As far as stretch, my personal experience is that the stock 415 stretches muck more than the bike chain.
  6. 210061741

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    I keep my chain fairly tight.
    It will deflect a little.
    I take a look at the chain once in a wile wile riding.
    If it is bouncing around its too loose.
    If it runs nice and smoothe its good.
  7. Turtle Tedd

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    There all all kinds of sprockets and chains out there on these kits..the 415 will not fit properly inside of the crankcase of some motors..myself and others think the 415 chain is overkill...anyway this is a trial and error thing for each individual motor and bike..when you buy a chain do not just slap it on and go..wind it around each sprocket it is going to contact as far as you can..look the links wind are they still fitting the teeth 3/4 of the way around as they did in the beginning??...after 3 different chains I bought a KMC BMX KOOl chain..perfect..done deal
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  8. Fabian

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    Quote: I keep my chain fairly tight.
    It will deflect a little.
    I take a look at the chain once in a wile wile riding.
    If it is bouncing around its too loose.
    If it runs nice and smoothe its good.

    This is my solution to the 415 Heavy duty chain tension issue (only in the application of a SickBikeParts Jackshaft Kit) and anyone can copy or modify the design with half an hour of your time.
    Simply find a damaged rear derailleur and use one of the idler wheels.

    1300 kilometers on the design (including 415H chain) and it's running beautifully; stops the chain hitting the lower aluminium case when the motor rpm's are low.
    The chain has a heck of a lot of slack in it now - It'll be replaced at 1500 kilometers.


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  9. Flameout

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    I have a Wallymart chain with over 1000 miles on it, and it is working fine.
  10. motorpsycho

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    so you guys are saying that you can replace the heavy 415 )motorcycle style) chain that these motors come with, with a heavy duty bmx bike chain?
    without a jackshaft kit, will a regular bike chain work and be ok?
    i don't have a jackshaft, and i am only running a single sprocket on the rear wheel (on the peddle side) and i can't afford a jackshaft kit. i'd like to replace my 415 chain because as someone else said, it's a bit overkill.
    i didn't think a bike chain would fit around the teeth of the sprockets, but now you have me wondering.
  11. Flameout

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    The Wallymart chain fit the rear sprocket better (less slop) and cleared the housing on
    the engine better. My only concern at the time was how it would hold up. I think it's
    doing ok.
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  12. 210061741

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    As far as fit.
    I'm not totally sure what fits and don't mysely.

    I tried to run 18 speed chain and it will not fit the motor sprocket.
    I am using the chain that came with my kit.
    which is only a little wider.
    Is bmx chain wider inside than 18 speed chain.?

    I got a # 41 chain and it is huge.
    I don't use it.
  13. Fabian

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    You can only replace the 415 chain if your motorised bicycle engine has an output shaft sprocket that is designed for 1/8 inch chain.

    Someone please feel free to correct me in say that these engines are fitted with a sprocket designed at 3/16 of an inch and in so saying a 1/8 inch chain will not fit on a 3/16 sprocket.

    I've been through this process with my SickBikeParts Jackshaft kit - anyway, i like the "look" of a big beefy chain spinning around in the engine case and onto the 17 tooth jackshaft sprocket.
    Considering the 415 chain i'm using is only 15 outer plates long, it's amazing how well the chain has taken to wizzing around over the last 1350 kilometers, although the rollers are well lubricated with 2-stroke oil being thrown around inside the output shaft sprocket area, either by design or just leaky crankshaft seals.

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  14. 210061741

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    I have 3 diff sprockets all

    One has the thick teeth. = 415 chain.
    Don't fit my motor.
    Bore is too big and so is keyway.

    one i bought from DAX.
    Right size bore and keyway.
    teeth are .115 wide.
    Just short of 1/8"

    The one that came with my motor.
    Approx 1/8" wide teeth.

    Now the one on the motor wouldn't accept the chain i bought at the bike shop.

    I'll have to check the one from DAX.

    The chain i am using is a little bigger than the bicycle chain but no where near the 41 chain from the mower store.

    It came std with the grubee kit.
    and was not the hd chain.

    I'll have to see when i get home.
    I'm back to work now.
  15. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    My kit says it comes with the std 410 chain.

    But is that the same as the #41

    I must be missing something.
  16. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    The bottom of it

    Ok i did some investigating.

    410 is a chain size for BMX

    It will fit on the motorbikes that use 410 chain.
    If your kit is for the HD 415 chain it may not take bmx "410 chain"

    Now ansi #41 chain is not the same as 410 chain.
    It is much larger.

    The big chain in the picture is the #41 the middle chain is 410
    and the right chain "smallest" is the 18 speed chain.

    The 18 speed chain won't fit the sprockets.

    Now 415 i don't have any so i don't know.

    The sprocket on the right is for the 415 chain.
    The one on the left is 410.

    So don't buy 18 or multi speed chain.

    Buy BMX chain.

    I'm glad i got myself straitend out.
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    heres my pictures
  18. 210061741

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    ok lets try this again

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