Bicycle or frame that might fit a generator?


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Nov 16, 2015
Hey, I was thinking of just getting a cruiser bike or frame and seeing if that will fit my 800W generator such that it can just be slotted in and out of there as needed. I think this will make my hybrid less gawkish and I also need to replace the current bike as the rear wheel has trueness problems. However, when I just look at the cruiser frames (with that S bend down tube); I don't think even the biggest one can fit the generator, which is 18" x 7" x 15.75". These frames will fit the 4-stroke kits for sure.

In the pictures, I am estimating the size of the generator in the frame using the wheel as 26". As you can see it aint gonna fit. I mention disassembling the generator before and that is fine for a long term production version. But for now, I am just exploring finding a cheap 26" bike that I can put the generator in mid without cutting the plastic or disassembling the generator.

There is also the possibility of the female cruiser bikes with that big step through that I can put the generator there... Wait nevermind that wont work either. What you guys think?