Bike Motor Parts Kit... Question?

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    Hi All,
    Long time no post...not sure if this is the right section to post but...

    What do you guys think about reviving the BMP Kit?

    I have one of his last and newest kits...

    a. Friction Drive
    b. Chain Drive (option)
    c. Belt Drive (option)

    I was thinking about sourcing the parts and making the kit...

    Can I get some input if there is a need?

    Thank you.

    - OccChopperFL

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    Theres a need, since they went out of business I've bought 2 statons and would have bought 2 BMPs. Its because of BMPs price and quality plus the chain drive option I would have chosen BMP. Back then I think BMP was $119 and staton was like $179. You can do it but choosing your suppliers for price, quality and reliability to deliver is important. Right now theres really only 2 options staton or DAX, chinese kit is not an option for me. Both of those vendors are offering at $149, staton does give you more options in roller sizes though. If I remember right the chain drive option was a $35 upcharge and well worth it on the BMP..........good luck.
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    hi darwin. thanks for your input. i dont remember what the retail was for the jackshaft/ chain/ belt drive option, im guessing $79.99. So fellow mb'ers, any other thoughts?
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    thatsdax has an affordable and reliable friction drive kit, which appears to be a BMP clone, but they claim copyright. Check it out:
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    Posted this up in General Discussion. James from BMP is trying to revive his FD kit business with a kickstarter campaign.

    The pledge drives last 45 days and with 10 days left he's got a ways to go so I don't know how much support or demand there really is for this sort of thing as far a big market goes. Thought I'd mention it.
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    Hi Happy,
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I am happy for James - I hope he gets it going again and does well.
    (just a thought, i wasnt looking to reinvent the wheel.)
    He is on the right track for sure

    Lets keep this thread alive...

    James - Roadbug - Updates...


    Gooooo James!!!
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    Hi All!

    Long time!

    For giggles, I searched his Jame's new Company name, and it looks like he is in business! ??? (NOT SURE)

    What do you guys think?
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    All righty then... glad to chat up with y'all again...
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    Glad you let us know about the site, great price. Put a heads up in the 4sale section.
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    50cc for FD kit

    Is there a 50cc four stroke (I'm guessing either Honda or HS) engine that will fit on the BMP FD kit?
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    Those are nice lil engines motman I just got one. Be aware there's no fuel tank, does have a clutch though. If you buy the tank from them or some where else make sure you get the bracket and 2 bolts that hold it. You can go about 30 miles on that 1.2 ltr tank. I carry a 1 litre fuel bottle to extend the range. Being gravity fed the tank must be above the carb so for me the OEM setup works best. I used a diaphragm carb on one setup and you lose a lil bit of power that way. OEM style carb is best way to go, I think it lets more fuel into the intake then the diaphragm carb..........good luck.
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