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    No, I've had Arrow reed valve on bike, and very pleased. I put it on after also ordering the RT 15mm carb. After drilling ports in piston, and also ramping the top of piston for the ports, it does overall run much stronger now. Guess the biggest change I notice now is the engine does have a very much smoother RPM range therefore being able to take on more hilly obstacles during ride. It fires up after first half turn of wheel and runs out of what a smaller Japanese bike would do. It really makes one think that it would last a multitude of thousands of miles..................BUT, never forget, we are talking about a china product here!!

    Lets not forget that I'm giving a review on these mods, and I'm a big boy at 6' 6", 260 on a 29" steel frame bike. In the mid 80's I was riding 750 to 1200cc street bikes, with last bike was a 88 BMW RT100R. So, in knowing that, it now is the closest it's been to meeting expectations of a small china made 2/stroke. Uno, we aren't talking German engineering here.

    Scale 1-10............I would rate 7.5

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