Bike requires a bit of choke to run


Local time
2:11 AM
Dec 14, 2023
New Jersey
I got my bike running for the first time today it was so awesome. When I go to close the choke, the bike will shut off. It doesnt require full choke to run, just a tiny bit of it. Do I need to adjust my needle?
Yeah,have done the backwards choke thing.
Even tried adjusting the carb a few times before I figured out what the problem was.
When I first got my bike running it would only start with the choke off and 4 stroked a lot. Also could not get the bike to idle. Moved the clip on the needle up 1 notch and bike runs smooth and idles perfectly now. Also needs some choke to get started now where as before moving the clip it did not. Been riding close to freezing temps however
All the way down on the choke lever is OFF, All the way up on the lever is full choke ON.