Continually adjusting choke position during ride to keep engine running


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7:25 PM
Jun 2, 2022
My bike requires me to keep opening and closing the choke while I ride. Like I’ll warm it up ans slowy be able to open the choke more and more, and the engine runs a little better and better, but if I let off the throttle for a just a moment and then try accelerating my engine will spudder and looses power, so I have to turn the choke back on, so I’m constantly moving the choke a little this way, and a little that way. Why won’t it just run with the choke open like it’s suppose to
Could u elaborate on this, I understand the idle screw, but not the float position
Here are the pictures of the carb, look at #4 for the float setting.

It sounds like an air leak
Yes, also could be an air leak. Once it's started, spray around your intake from carb to cylinder plus around the cylinder head with some water. If it dies, you have an air leak.