Boost bottle really works PROOF!?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by thunderhead289, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. thunderhead289

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    been running it for awhile now and really like it. 1500 miles on the bike at this point.

    here is the video I made that I have had trouble disproving

    what do you think? discussions? reed valves would be even better, but this isn't bad for now it doesn't seem like!

  2. butre

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    Losing weight is a better option. In my experience they just cause your idle to skyrocket, meaning you have to adjust your idle down unless you want to idle at 5 grand for some reason, meaning if you pinch off the bottle it will die.

    I've never seen before and after dyno information except from places trying to sell me a boost bottle, which means I'm going to call this one snake oil.
  3. thunderhead289

    thunderhead289 New Member

    think of how much more efficient that is. lower idle adjustment with the same idle? that right there is proof of a low end efficiency gain even if we discredit everything else. (which I don't)
  4. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    Lower idle adjustment has no relation to efficiency unless the idle speed goes down with it. I don't know why you would think otherwise.
  5. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    A boost bottle has no meaningful effect on power. Your idle comparison is pointless because the engine is not used to propell the bike at idle rpm.

    May i suggest that you jet your carburettor correctly, then throw the boost bottle in the rubbish bin and immediately thereafter, order a Rock Solid Engines Reed Valve Intake and Walbro style diaphragm carburettor, if wishing to have an increase in "usable" low and midrange torque as well as easy external jetting adjustment.
  6. joshua97

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    if this is any help, i was always hitting 62 kph on my bike 63 on a good day 9same flat road each test) and thats at 60 seconds full throttle on a 4km road. with my single boost bottle- 65kph and with the twin bottle step from ebay i got 68 kph so for me they do work, and yes a little rougher idol but managed to tune it outon the deloro carb or whatever its called that I'm using, and my throttle response may be a lil better but to noticeably, it seems to use a little less fuel swell, love mine and looks cool too
  7. thunderhead289

    thunderhead289 New Member

    "Lower idle adjustment has no relation to efficiency unless the idle speed goes down with it. I don't know why you would think otherwise"

    if this does not make sense then allow me to school you.

    I have baseline idle say 1500 rpm. I add boost bottle without adjusting carb. idle goes to 1800- 2000 rpm. adjust carb down(closing off using less fuel) to again be at 1500 rpm. same rpm with less idle feed is an increase in efficiency and it can be felt throughout the low end based on throttle feeds.

    in the end, same idle speed with much less fuel due to the reused vapors through the boost bottle.

    there is a definite feel off low end torque power and for no money vs all the carb swaps and 70 dollar pipes. not as good of a mod but it does do something and it keeps the price of the bike overall in the novelty range.

    so many people on these bike forums have opinions based on hearsay vs actual validated experiences and are so quick to jump on the bandwagon. its a real shame.
  8. battery

    battery Member

    your idle would be at a lower setting as the air flow is more consistant. meaning pulling air/fuel more consitstantly. would be benificial to a stock carb or any carb too small for the bike.
  9. dchevygod

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    On my g43 bike I run an ADA juice box because its a straight dog off the line with out it. Same tunable carb "wyk58 Tuned to idle and perform for either intakes" with a regular billet manifold it just falls on its face from a stop but will revv after a longgg lag. With the juice box " tuned for the g43" it comes alive right away piped or stock canned. Piped this motor has propelled a GSR goped to 51 mph. As it is on my bike now its got a stock exhaust limiting my race porting but it will do 45 on a long flat straight, I had a CY460 on this bike that was stock and did 52.3 mph GPS confirmed. I'll try and find a video of that bike setup at pedfest 2013 my current motor is on one of the GSR 40's in the video lol.

    I had the only bike at the event and everyone was skeptical till they saw it was a ped motor :) and it moves pretty good! The video was shot by Derek Short an old skool ped racing legend. He's not going slow!

    And this is my somewhat of a victory at the drags against a ported and piped 460 on a custom bladez, he got me at the very end " both of us geared for speed"

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