Sprockets Brand new to Motorized bicycles, wanted some opinions on Sprockets

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    Hello everyone,

    I am brand new to the whole motorized bicycle game, I live in Florida, so no legal issues there.
    I'm building two bikes, for my brother and I; I ordered two 66cc Chinese engines, and have two Huffy Cranbrook bikes.
    I plan on assembling it all stock to start with, but after reading some I have already decided I will probably go with a smaller sprocket.
    I have a full shop, and already know I will have to make custom mounts to work with this frame, also modification of the rear break lever to work with the sprocket.

    I live in central north Florida where it's pretty much very flat with not much wind either. So I want to put the smallest sprocket that will still go up an interstate overpass, pedal assist is ok.
    My brother and I both weigh 145 and since we live in the country we would like to cruise at a faster speed than most, we are using them to just take scenic rides on nice days this fall, and to visit friends who live about 2 miles away.
    Even with the 44t sprocket I have no intention of taking off from a stop by letting out the clutch, I don't trust the engines clutch to last that long using it like that, so take off power is a non issue. And any low speed in town riding will probably be pedal only.
    I'm not looking to go stupid fast, but I want to ride at ~35 without the engine screaming, I'd like to be able to do that speed and just purr along.

    Since these are going to be pavement only bikes (no suspension) and I don't want to take off without pedaling I just don't need the low end torque of the 44T

    Shift kit is something I may do in the future with a different frame, but I just want to try out motor bicycling for the least cost for now, and the shift kit is expensive!


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    you're welcome
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    You want a 36T, you'll have to pedal some to get going, but the 66cc is pretty torquey. I ran a 41T when I was riding 10+ miles to work, but I had to pull some fair-sized hills, it was a good compromise. Now I run a 48T and it will pull your head off, but only does around 25 mph. Lets talk about brakes for a minute; want to go 35+ mph you say? Put some decent brakes on the bike. That rear coaster brake is marginal even for a pedal only. Don't trust your life on it alone.
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    Can I drive on the bike lane or sidewalk without a drivers license and license plate with an 80cc motorized bike