Building my first motorized bike

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    So, I'm kinda new to this whole motorized bike thing. I'm used to being under the hood of a car. But lately I have been riding a bicycle a lot, and working on these small engines a lot, and they seem like they are just meant to be together.
    I have a lot of mechanical experience, working on cars, I don't go to mechanics, never have. I do everything from changing my oil to rebuilding and changing my motor. I work at a factory doing industrial maintenance, and recently, I've began working on bikes and small engines.
    Enough about me, more about my project/questions.
    So, I'm using a shimano mountain bike, with 24in wheels, and I planned on using one of the 41t cassettes with it. I think I will be removing the pedals, and mounting the motor to the frame like a motorcycle motor. It's a poulan 25cc 2stroke in pretty much new condition.

    Now, here's the problem I'm running into, I want to use a centrifugal clutch from a gocart, but those use 3/4 in shafts that are keyed. My Weedeater uses a 3/8 in shaft with a square slot through it long ways.
    I have tried finding a solution for this, and researching any information, but I keep running into dead ends. I have though about using a trimmer clutch, but it's a direct drive trimmer that I pulled the motor from, and if I have to buy a clutch, why not buy one that is made for a small vehical?
    does anyone know a solution for this problem?